10 Best Marijuana Strains for Relieving Eye Pressure

If the pressure in your eyes is too much, you probably have a condition known as ocular hypertension. This condition is usually triggered by an injury or a disease.

This condition causes you to experience blurred vision, aching eyes, and nausea. It has no cure, but there are various methods of managing it.

Having to live with your eyes feeling compressed is one of the worst things ever. It gets in the way of your productivity and happiness.

But did you know that marijuana consumption helps minimize eye pressure? Research shows that THC (the prevalent cannabinoid in marijuana) reduces intraocular pressure.

Top Indica Marijuana Strains for Managing Eye Pressure

The following indica marijuana strains are excellent at reducing eye pressure:

1. Night Terror

Night Terror is developed by mixing Blue Dream with Rare Darkness. It has excellent pain-relief properties and people also take it to relieve their stress. This strain has a taste reminiscent of blueberries.

2. Platinum Purple Kush

This strain is descended from Purple Kush. It has mild cerebral effects and is also great for improving focus. With its grape aroma, it stimulates appetite and relieves eye pressure.

3. Star Killer

In the 2016 Colorado Cannabis Cup, this strain won the Best Hybrid Flower. It is developed by mixing Mazar with Blueberry OG and Rare Dankness. It has massive buds with a purplish hue. It is excellent for relieving pain and improving gastrointestinal problems.

4. King’s Kush

This is an offspring of OG Kush and Grape. It has a high count of trichomes and a scent reminiscent of grapes. The effects of King’s Kush are typically slow.

5. Nuken

It borrows its genetics from Shishkaberry and God Bud. This strain produces a fruity aroma and is excellent for mental relaxation.

6. Hash Plant

This resin-rich marijuana strain has a berry aroma with a tinge of hashish. Its high amount of trichomes helps with propagating rapid effects.

7. Pink Champagne

This strain is also called Raspberry Kush. It was developed in California by mixing Granddaddy Purple with Cherry Pie. It causes an eye buzz that helps with minimizing eye pressure. The strain also has couch-lock effects and is thus ideal for night-time use.

8. Shishkaberry

This strain was developed by mixing DJ Short Blueberry with a mysterious Afghani strain. This strain has a fruity scent and a dark hue and has uplifting effects.

9. Mr. Nice Guy

The parents of Mr. Nice Guy are G13 and the Hash Plant. This strain has a fruity scent, and its effects are slow in coming. Mr. Nice Guy relieves stress and pain. It was named after a guy who used to smuggle marijuana. After doing time, he published his autobiography, “Mr. Nice”.

10. Purple Chemdawg

This strain is made by mixing Chemdawg with Granddaddy Purple. It has a grape aroma with a hint of diesel. Purple Chemdawg is excellent for overcoming pain in both the eyes and head.