What are Hemp Cigars?

Mark Twain, the great American writer, famously said that the only time a man should not be dragging on his cigar is when he’s asleep or eating.

We associate cigars with tobacco, and when we see a man with a protruding tummy and a smoke in his hand we automatically think him rich, successful, dangerous.

But then a player in the CBD market thought that it would be cool to have cigars made of hemp, and now we have these fat cigars that contain hemp-derived CBD.

If you’ve always thought smoking cigars was cool, but never got round to do it because you wasn’t a fan of tobacco, now you have the chance to look like a badass with a hemp cigar.

Premium Hemp Flower for Cigars

Top-quality hemp flower is used in preparing hemp cigars, and by top quality, we mean that the hemp plant must be organically grown, and belong to a strain with high CBD and low THC levels.

The blunt wrapper is also made from hemp, and it is infused with natural terpenes to send up a sweet smell when you are dragging on the cigar. Lovers of hemp cigars appreciate such ingenuity.

Thanks to their THC and CBD content, hemp cigars stimulate an entourage effect, enabling you to enjoy the synergistic power of CBD and hemp phytochemicals. Hemp cigars can help manage anxiety, chronic pain, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Can Hemp Cigars Help Me Quit My Tobacco Addiction?

You know, once you start hitting them fat tobacco blunts, and you get used to it, you can easily become addicted to the nicotine.

Tobacco may not be in the same category as cocaine and heroin, but it still has some dark health effects like lowering the immune system, premature skin aging, and heightened risk of gum disease.

There are more people than I’d care to know that are fighting to get away from the shackles of tobacco, but these people are helpless, and every attempt to quit is counterbalanced with severe withdrawal symptoms that drive them back.

It’s hard to walk away from a tobacco addiction cold turkey, but there’s a way around it; use hemp cigars for the love of goodness!

CBD is exceptional at stabilizing moods and emotions, eliminating cravings, boosting immunity, and it has no psychoactive properties. With hemp cigars, you acquire numerous health benefits, and it helps you kick away tobacco addiction.

Can Hemp Cigars Get Me High?

If you’re familiar with marijuana, you must know that it causes a high, a result of the chemical compound THC.

Smoking tobacco causes a high too, but it is connected with the chemical ingredients, and particularly nicotine.

With hemp cigars, you get 100% organic compounds and phytochemicals with no psychoactive properties, thus you cannot get high.

Hemp cigars are not addictive because they don’t contain any mind-altering substances, but to ensure that you are getting quality hemp cigars, stick to reputable companies.

Unlike marijuana or tobacco, there are no adverse health effects that come out of overdosing CBD, and so you have massive freedom as far as the experimenting.

But in as much as there no negative health effects when you overdose… ensure that you stay well within the limits… because overdosing could potentially cause side effects like excessive sweating, dry mouth, and stomach upset.

How to Make Hemp Cigars at Home

If you are looking to stop your addiction to the rough smoke of tobacco leaves, you can achieve that with hemp cigars.

To enjoy the best quality, you may want to buy hemp cigars from companies with a good reputation, but also you can make hemp cigars at home.


  • Hemp blunt paper
  • Hemp flower
  • Full-spectrum CBD oil

Ensure that you select the best strain and that the flower is fresh and sticky; more resin enhances quality packing.

Step 1:  prepare the core by snapping the mold shut and inserting a skewer

Step 2: grind down the hemp flower and pack it tightly in the mold

Step 3: store the mold in a dry and cool place for a minimum of five hours, but can be as long as 48 hours

Step 4: take out your hemp cigar core and cover it with the full-spectrum CBD oil to make the outer surface sticky

Step 5: roll the hemp blunt paper around the hemp cigar core, slowly and smoothly, to your desired taste

Step 6: store your hemp cigar in a cool and dry place for at least seven days. This process is essential for removing water particles and chlorophyll from the hemp flower.

Step 7: withdraw the skewer, and light up your fat cigar, and make sure to look like a badass (don’t try to act gangsta though you may get smacked by the real toughies and look small)

What’s the one thing I Should Do When Ordering a Hemp Cigar?

Check customer reviews. Nearly all companies selling hemp cigar are online-based, which is more favorable than you realize.

The worst thing that can happen is succumbing to a colorful advert on YouTube and placing an order only for a low-quality cigar to get shipped.

You know, quality cigars are like exceedingly beautiful women; people will have a similar opinion.

But you don’t check product reviews to only see whether customers have a high opinion of the cigars, but to pick up other details that might not be so obvious.

Customers also make you aware of the alternatives.

Smoke Like a Pro

They say that smoking a cigar is akin to celebrating… it’s a sophisticated experience, and so it’s must be done properly, with calmness, rhythm, precision.

You want to look like Michael Jordan, or Jack Nicholson, not some dude who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Don’t take sudden drags at your cigar, but be slow and deliberate, savoring the moment, letting people notice your devil-may-care attitude.

Puffing frequently at your cigar not only makes you look cheap but it also overheats your cigar and plants a bitter taste.

A five-inch cigar should typically take you 45 minutes to finish.


You don’t want to be storing your hemp cigars in your coat and trouser pockets; you have to have a humidor; ensure that it has sufficient room, and store it in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.

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