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Beaker bongs share a close resemblance to laboratory beakers, hence the name. Featuring a wide base, the beaker bong can hold more water, which promotes smoother hits.

Beaker bongs are usually made of robust material, and their wide bottoms grant them stamina and balance, making them less likely to be tipped over by a careless movement.

Beaker bongs have a wide space in the bottom, which allows for superior smoke refinement, and gives room to the installation of top-tier percolators that normally don’t fit in some bongs.

Beaker bongs come in a range of colors and designs. If you’re looking for a classic water pipe that hits the right notes, the beaker bong is ideal.

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Why Beaker Bongs Are Popular

Many CBD and marijuana enthusiasts love smoking their dry herbs out of a beaker bong for these reasons:

1. Delicious Hits

The wide base of a beaker bong typically holds greater water volume, which boosts its filtration and cooling abilities. With a beaker bong, it’s easy to take enormous draws of smoke, and the smoke typically has an improved taste.

2. Convenience

The range of features of a beaker bong makes them suitable for smoking on the go. Beaker bongs have simple elements and are easy to clean. Bong cleaning is an essential aspect, as it preserves smoke integrity, and spares the bong user from respiratory complications.

3. Stability

Some bongs have a high center of gravity, which minimizes balance and stability. Such bongs are susceptible to tipping over and becoming damaged. However, the beaker bong, with its wide bottom, is stable and strong, and less likely to become tipped over.

How to Smoke with a Beaker Bong

Beaker bongs have a simple design and are fun to use. They have a higher capacity in holding water and smoke and they allow you to take smoother and more delicious hits. Before using a bong, always ensure it’s clean. A beaker bong may be used in the following steps:

Step 1: Put water into the bong. Through the mouthpiece, pour water into the bong base, and allow the water level to come up to the downstem. Avoid putting excessive water lest you spill the bong water and mess the place up.

Step 2: Grind the herb. Load some dry herb into the herb grinder and grind it into fine crystals. Smoothly ground herb allows your herb to burn evenly and it enhances the smoke flavor. If you don’t have a herb grinder, you can break it with your hands.

Step 3: Pack your bowl. Pinch some of the herbs and drop them in the bowl piece. Add some more flower into the bowl, but you want to make sure that you don’t overwhelm the bowl with the herb. Packing it too much can lead to resource wastage.

Step 4: Spark the bowl. Use your lighter to spark the herb, while you place your lips on the mouthpiece and draw air. The bong becomes filled with cool smoke that races up the mouthpiece. Take the delicious hit and have fun.

Cleaning your bong is an important thing as it helps you avoid the build-up of residuals that might lower smoke integrity or cause lung infections. Depending on the frequency of use, you can clean your bong with warm water or alcohol-based cleaning agents.