If your day was stress-laden, you can relax with marijuana.

According to Gallup, only 15% of employees “love” their job, but the rest only show up at work because they have to.

In many careers, the hours are darn long, so your energy is sapped, and by the day’s end, you be stressed and irritable.

Some managers can be hell-spawn villains and burden you with work or shoot down your efforts to make progress.

Job stress is very real and you have to manage it before it eats up your resolve and makes you do or say regrettable ish.

Marijuana for Stress

One of the top ways to overcome job stress is through marijuana use. Cannabis contains active compounds that stimulate euphoria and tranquil.

Upon ingestion, cannabis molecules bind onto cannabinoid receptors in the brain, thus causing emotional stability.

And so, if you had a bad day at work, instead of coming home and burying yourself in food or crying yourself to sleep, you had better roll a mean joint.

Ways to Consume Marijuana

You’re not limited to just smoking cannabis, but there are several other methods of ingestion.

For one, you can whip up edibles, and although the effects might delay, they tend to hang in for longer.

You may also use a vape cartridge for converting bud into vapour at medium heat, thus minimizing cannabis smell and increasing bioavailability.

Top Hybrid Marijuana Strains for Managing Stress

There are countless marijuana strains, but we gotta pick up specific strains for managing stress.

Well, the following hybrid strains have been found excellent for eliminating stress, and inducing calm:

1. Golden Goat

This sativa-dominant hybrid is an offspring of Island Sweet Skunk and Hawaiian-Romulan. It came about by accident in Kansas in an unplanned breeding event but was first made public in Colorado in 2009. Owing to genetics from the mother’s side (Sweet Skunk) this strain has a tropical flavor with spicy undertones. It has no sedative effects and leaves a pleasant aftertaste, thus ideal for both daytime and night-time use. This strain hits maturity within roughly 10 weeks, whereupon the buds take on a golden hue.

2. Member Berry

This indica-dominant hybrid was created by the Denver-based breeders, Ethos Genetics, by crossing Mandarin Sunset with Skunkberry. This strain produces a high that keeps you afloat for a minute. With a fruity flavor and spicy aroma, this popular strain is especially used for enhancing moods.

3. Pink Kush

Also goes by Pink OG, but this strain creates a cerebral and body-enveloping high and has taken home several cups. This indica-dominant strain was created by the Dutch breeder, Barney’s Farm. The parents are still not in public knowledge but it has relations with OG Kush.

4. White Runtz

This strain was created by the self-anointed cannabis connoisseurs based out of California; the Runtz Crew, by mixing Zkittlez with Gelato. With a delicious citrusy flavor, and capacity for a prolonged high, this perfectly balanced marijuana strain is well-liked across the world. It has a dense trichome population.

5. Mango Kush

The flavor and aroma of this indica-dominant strain will remind you of sweet tropical mangoes. This strain takes about 10 weeks to hit maturity and produces a good yield whether in an indoor or outdoor grow setting. With large buds, and flaming pistils, the strain appears beautiful, but more importantly, it delivers potent effects.

6. Venom OG

Also goes by Venom OG Kush, and Venom, but this indica-dominant strain was created by mixing Rare Dankness #1 with Poison OG. Its buds are compact, with a green hue, and orange filaments. It evokes an aroma reminiscent of diesel, skunk, and lemon. This strain triggers the rapid onset of effects but it may also be sedative, thus most convenient for night-time use.