Should I Buy CBD On Amazon Or Not?

Amazon has grown from a small-time bookshop into a worldwide supermarket that stocks up nearly everything, but when it comes to CBD, things are a bit complicated.

CBD is prohibited on Amazon, but if you go looking for it, you will come across products with misleading labels.

Hemp-derived CBD was decriminalized in 2018 via the passing of the Farm Bill, but Amazon still treats CBD as though it were an illegal substance.

Amazon defended its actions thus; it serves a global customer base, but CBD is only legal in a few western nations, and allowing sellers to put CBD on Amazon would put the company at unnecessary legal wars in countries where CBD is illegal.

Is There Any Cannabis Product On Amazon?

Amazon allows the sale of hemp products that don’t contain any cannabinoids. These hemp oils are extracted from hemp seeds and are rich in vitamins.

They have no psychoactive effects, but people consume them for their health benefits like increasing bone mass and promoting skin health.

Hemp oil is a great addition to the daily routine as it fortifies the body against illnesses and also improves physiological functions.

But then most people love cannabis products that contain cannabinoids like THC and CBD for their synergistic health properties. They wouldn’t be happy with the version of cannabis products sold on Amazon.

Amazon Sellers Deceptive Practices

It seems that Amazon is too massive a company that Jeff Bezos cannot get a handle on every last of the sellers. I mean, their deception is top-level.

Knowing too well that Amazon doesn’t sell CBD, the sellers will publish their listings of hemp oil and put CBD keywords in the description.

And so, when you go looking for CBD, the hemp oils show up, and you click to buy, only that when your order arrives and you try the “CBD”, you don’t get the results that you expected.

Another one of their tactics is making wild claims. They are well aware that most people consume CBD to manage their health problems. And so, they make wild assertions like “it will rid you of cancer”, or “it will make your heart disease go away”, which aren’t true.

They also misrepresent the concentration of their product. They know too well that the customer is looking for something with great potency.

Most low-quality cannabis products on Amazon usually overpromise, and they sell at a way low price than the market rate.

Are we saying that all hemp oil sellers on Amazon are fraudulent? By no means! But their number is high enough to warrant a complaint.

Of course, Amazon does a good job of banning dishonest sellers, but since more of them are opening shops, it’s become a huge problem to solve.

You’re better off Avoiding Amazon When Buying Cannabis Products

Yep, Amazon is the granddaddy of internet shopping and you can get almost anything, but when it comes to cannabis products, specifically hemp oils and related products, just avoid them.

Their products don’t contain any cannabinoids, and thus, you cannot enjoy the synergistic properties of cannabis compounds.

Some of the sellers are shady, compensate by making wild assertions, and have no experience when it comes to preparing cannabis products.

And then there’s the fact that the shipping process is complex and sellers don’t provide free trials to their customers.

Where’s the Best Place to Buy Cannabis Products?

There are very many household companies in the cannabis niche that are both trustworthy and offer quality products. If you’re in Europe, CBD Queen is awesome, and if you’re in the US, Purekana is great. What makes a cannabis company worth it are the following: quality products, good customer service, and great prices.

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