Important Things To Know About Bong Adapters

Bongs typically consist of different accessories, but what happens when an accessory is incompatible with your bong? You use a bong adapter!

For instance, if you buy a bowl piece, and then you realize that it doesn’t form an airtight seal where it meets the downstem, it could render the bowl piece unusable.

But with a bong adapter, you would be able to make the bowl piece agree with the downstem, so you might be able to take those smooth hits that you like.

If you’re a newbie, make sure to buy from an online seller who takes the trouble to understand what problem you want to solve and helps you make the right choice.

Are Bong Adapters Convenient?

For one, they help with modifying the size of your bong’s joint, and this enables you to take cool and massive bong hits.

If you’re tired of crowding dry herb in the bowl piece and want the different experience of dabbing concentrates, a bong adapter may help you transform your bong into a dab rig.

Conversely, if you’re tired of using a dab rig, and want to transform it into a bong, you require a bong adapter to achieve this transition.

Types of Bong Adapters

The following are the types of bong adapters:

1. Male to female

These adapters are used to modify the size of the joint of your bong. The male side is fixed in the joint and the female side hangs outside the bong, and then the bowl piece is attached. Just make sure to get the right joint size.

2. Female to female

A dab rig with a male joint can be converted into a bong by using a female-to-female bong adapter. The ends of the female to female bong adapter can have similar or varying sizes.

3. Male to male

Male to male bong adapters help convert bongs into dab rigs. They are utilized in a similar way to female to female bong adapters. These adapters will enable you to enjoy your plant resources to the maximum.

Important Tips for Buying a Bong Adapter

For one, you have to get the right size of the bong adapter. Quality bong adapters typically have compatibility measurements to eliminate mistakes.

Also, ensure that you know the size of your bong so that you can get the appropriate glassware.

Bongs come in different shapes and designs, and you need to master the shape and design of your bong so that you can acquire the right variety of bong adapters.

Don’t rush to place an order from the first online advertisement you click on, but take your time to look around for even better deals. I mean, in these hard economic times, you need to stretch your dollar as hard as you can.

If you choose to buy online, ensure that the seller has a good reputation. Some glass companies sell low-quality ish, and you would become aware of it by looking up their reviews.

The Perfect Bong Rip

Most people would say dabbing THC concentrates, or smoking dry herb with a bong is more pleasurable than smoking with a dry pipe.

With a bong, the smoke coasts along the downstem into the water chamber, where the impurities are caught and smoke is chilled before running up the bong and into the mouthpiece.

This type of smoke doesn’t scorch the soft tissues of your throat, which is why you can inhale a vast amount of it.

We love using bongs and water pipes because they allow us to take massive and flavor-rich bong rips.

If some accessories aren’t in agreement with your bong, you can use a bong adapter to remedy the situation.

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