Life is chaotic. Many times we face hardships that put us into mental turmoil and the effects are made manifest in our physical appearance too. But relaxation is the antidote to stress.

Depending on where you seek help, you will get different answers as to how to achieve relaxation. Some will tell you to practice progressive muscle relaxation, where you tense and relax different muscles in an alternating fashion.

Others will ask you to visualize an ephemeral island of peace and tranquility and imagine yourself as part of that environment so that your mental pressure wears off.

All of these exercises are helpful, but did you know that marijuana can help with relaxation too?

Top Sativa Marijuana Strains for Inducing Relaxation

The following marijuana strains are excellent at fighting away stress and helping you feel at peace:

1. Willie Nelson

This strain is extremely popular among people in the creative arts. It was named after the popular American singer and it is beloved around the world. The buds are stocky with a high trichome count.

2. Acid Dough

This strain was developed by breeders known as Ripper Seeds. It is descended from Queen Mother, Congo, and OG Badazz. This strain has a tropical flavor with mint undertones.

3. Hurricane

This strain is native to Colorado and was developed by mixing Panama Punch with LA Confidential. It has a fruity flavor with a spicy undertone. It gives you a rapid high and kicks away psychological stress.

4. Maui

The effects of this strain usually kick in slowly, but they work their way into a body-enveloping high. Maui is excellent for relieving stress and enhancing mental calm.

5. Lemon Pie

With THC levels as high as 22%, this strain causes a quick high, and boosts your energy, allowing you to become engrossed in productive activities and stress doesn’t hold you back.

6. Lucid Blue

This strain was created by mixing Grateful Breath with Blue Dream. With potent effects, this strain is notorious for triggering the munchies effect. It has excellent stress-relieving properties.

7. Sour Joker

This strain was developed by mixing Amnesia Haze with East Coast Sour Diesel. It not only clears your head of stress but also motivates you into being productive.

8. Strawberry Ice

This strain won during the 2015 Oregon DOPE Cup. As the name suggests, it has a strawberry aroma and keeps you active throughout the day.

9. Tangilope

This strain was acquired by mixing Tangie with Chocolope. It has a unique terpene profile, a blend of tropical and mint scents, and is famed for enhancing creativity.

10. Neville’s Haze

It is a towering marijuana strain whose buds have a pine aroma. In 1998, this strain took home the High Times Cannabis Cup. With a high trichome count, this strain has fantastic cerebral effects.