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Zamnesia Review

Based out of the Netherlands, Zamnesia provides top-quality cannabis seeds, smoking paraphernalia, CBD products, and shrooms.

Their thousands of products are divvied into different categories: Seedshop, Headshop, Vaporshop, CBDshop, Smartshop, and Shroomshop.

This company has been around for quite some time, and they bill themselves as perfect in the game of making superior cannabis products.

While many cannabis companies try to focus on just one product, Zamnesia believes in being a one-stop shop.

Are they as good as they claim they are or just a windbag? In this review, we show you the pros and cons of this company and help you make a swift decision.


What Zamnesia Offers

Seedshop: there are many types of cannabis seeds: auto-flowering, feminized, regular, and CBD… Zamnesia has drawn together all these seeds from different seed banks.

Headshop: whether it be pipes, bongs, and grinders, you need smoking accessories to enjoy marijuana. They have an accessories section to help people have the best smoking experience.

Vaporshop: vaping is arguably healthier than smoking, with vaping you convert herb into vapor at medium heat, thus avoiding the possibility of inhaling some burnt-up hazards (as can happen with traditional smoking).

CBDshop: they also have a CBD shop that contains different products like oils, capsules, cosmetics, supplements, creams, etc.

Smartshop: there are many naturally-occurring substances for supercharging the mind, and Zamnesia offers all sorts of psychedelics and herbs.

Shroomshop: they also have a massive stock of mushroom products.


Pros of Zamnesia

  • They offer anonymous transactions. Let’s keep it real; cannabis is still taboo in many backgrounds, and if you be a regular cannabis user, people may judge you. Zamnesia is cognizant of this fact and they charge you, package your product, and send it to you anonymously. Considering the hostility that the government reserves for cannabis, this is a welcome move.
  • Their cannabis products have high potency. We judge whether a cannabis product is of high quality or low quality by its potency. Zamnesia offers products with high cannabinoid concentrations, making for rapid onset of action. High potency is also indicative of quality raw materials and superior processing.
  • They have a customer satisfaction team. Quality products are not the end all be all of the successful businesses. A business needs to have a team that ensures customers are satisfied. They usually anticipate customer behavior and provide the necessary help.
  • Their items are fairly priced. They have been around for a minute, and have probably made business relationships that allow them to leverage in terms of price. In these difficult economic times, lowly-priced products are enticing.
  • A ton of positive reviews. Zamnesia has an average of 4.8 stars on Trustpilot after thousands of reviews, and it’s a clear indication that most customers feel good about this company. Most people who feel compelled to leave a review usually have strong feelings about a product or company.
  • The delivery is fast. Nothing sucks more than having to wait forever before your order arrives. Zamnesia has invested in a powerful order fulfillment service to ensure customers receive their orders as soon as possible.
  • Many communication channels. With some cannabis companies, their support responds yes, but communication channels are limited. However, you may contact Zamnesia support staff via different channels: email, telephone, or live chat.
  • Extensive product diversity. Zamnesia is mainly a cannabis company, but it also offers non-cannabis products like herbs and psychedelics. They can sort you out if you be looking for brain enhancements.
  • Free gift bags. Every order above 75 euros comes with a free gift bag.
  • Multiple payment options. There are several payment methods, and you won’t be stressed if maybe you’re in a different country.


Cons of Zamnesia

  • No third-party quality assurance tests. And if there is, it’s not indicated on their products. Third-party lab tests are carried out to determine whether a product is of great quality and contains no chemical hazards. Most CBD users have a bias toward lab-tested products.
  • Misleading promos. It may be the fault of contractors, but there are claims that Zamnesia ran a promotion promising one thing, but did something else, or nothing at all.
  • No affiliate program. It wouldn’t hurt for customers to be able to make money by successfully referring buyers to this business. But oops, can’t do that!


When every word is said, Zamnesia remains a dependable company, run by cannabis militants based out of Amsterdam.

Whether you are looking for cannabis products or other brain superchargers, you can get quality products from these folks.

Also, join their newsletter and keep an eye on their promos! Check out Zamnesia today!