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Xzibit Enters the World of Cannabis Podcasts

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  • Rapper and actor Xzibit is venturing into the world of podcasting with “Lasagna Ganja,” a weekly podcast focused on cannabis. He will co-host the show alongside cannabis advocate Tammy, known as “The Cannabis Cutie.”
  • “Lasagna Ganja” aims to explore various facets of the cannabis world, including its complex history, cultural influence, music, entertainment, scientific advancements, and political issues. The podcast will also address common misconceptions about cannabis.
  • Xzibit and Tammy intend to use the podcast as a platform to educate listeners about cannabis, share personal experiences in the cannabis industry, and feature guest appearances from experts and figures within the cannabis community.

Starting October 5, rapper and actor Xzibit is set to co-host a weekly cannabis-themed podcast called “Lasagna Ganja,” according to Deadline.

Produced by DCP Entertainment, the show will explore various aspects of the cannabis world, from its history and cultural impact to scientific breakthroughs and political issues.

Xzibit, known for his music career and roles in films like “The Bad Lieutenant,” brings his cannabis industry experience to the podcast, having founded the Napalm cannabis brand and served as Creative Director of Buddies Brand.

His co-host, Tammy, also known as “The Cannabis Cutie,” is an advocate for cannabis education.

The podcast aims to educate listeners, challenge misconceptions, and feature guest experts from the cannabis community.