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Will Marijuana Ever Be Fully Accepted By Society?

In some parts of the world, people are cannabis positive, yet in most regions, marijuana users still get quizzical stares from judgmental people.

Give it a couple more years and marijuana will be legal in most countries, but that wouldn’t necessarily mean marijuana users will be fully accepted in society.

Some of us wouldn’t give two shits what the next person thinks of our using marijuana, but others care about fitting in and having a social nest.

If you live in an area where marijuana users are looked down upon and you are the type of person that cares what others think of you, just keep it low key.

The idea is to avoid smoking at the entrance into your apartment only for the religious middle-aged man to catch that smell and give you a death stare.

Use Edibles

If you’re into edibles, nobody would guess you are high, because there wouldn’t be no weed smell lingering about you.

Edibles are easy to slap together, but more importantly, discrete, so if you bring them to your workplace, there won’t be no double-stares from co-workers.

Edibles make for a prolonged high, and if you get the dosage right, you can space out the snacks conveniently.

Smoke Indoors

Close the door, light the blunt, and get wasted. Well, unless you live in one of those tiny apartments where if your neighbor scratches their genitalia you can hear the sound effect.

You may invest in a smoke filter that practically eat up the smoke so that your house won’t reek of marijuana.

Or you can run a hot shower while smoking so that the smell sinks away in the ventilation along with shower steam.

Smoke Lounges and Clubs

These places were created for you. Make use of them. You not only quell your thirst but also start friendships.

Bars and clubs are some of the friendliest environments for smoking marijuana, making for a great experience.

But then again, some marijuana users don’t like hitting clubs because they’ll meet loud drunks, who can be a source of trouble.

Propaganda against Marijuana

One of the reasons why society has a hard-line stance against marijuana is thanks to government propaganda.

I mean, the government used its limitless institutions to make marijuana look evil, and it succeeded in doing that.

It may take generations to undo the stigma around marijuana use. The following are some of the common myths perpetuated by the propaganda machine.

1. It makes people losers

The government made it seem that marijuana would push young people out of school, make them irresponsible losers.

Whereas some marijuana users indeed become the dregs of society, it’s not solely down to marijuana use.

More often than not, they are battling deep-rooted issues, mostly childhood trauma, and if anything marijuana is what keeps them sane.

2. It makes people lazy

I mean, if you are a carpenter, it makes no sense that at some point you would lose your ability to make a chair or a table.

It’s the same thing with focus and laziness. You are not born with focus, but you teach yourself to focus, just as a carpenter is taught to make chairs and tables.

The idea that marijuana would make you lazy is an outright lie.

3. It causes mental illness

Muslim countries usually have high cases of schizophrenia, especially with their female population, and yet marijuana is unheard of in these countries. What gives?

Mental illness stems from genetic and environmental factors and not marijuana use. Of course, irresponsible marijuana use would exacerbate symptoms.

Living in a Society that Hates Marijuana

If you live in an area where people don’t approve of marijuana, society will reinforce this message and bait you. Never take the bait. Never engage. Never give two shits.