With the soaring demand for CBD products, many people have incorporated CBD into their daily routines, but there appears to be one small problem.

Some people complain that their mouths or throats grow numb after taking CBD oil. It should be noted that this complaint is prevalent among novice CBD consumers.

That feeling of the mouth or throat getting numb typically sticks around for a while, and it can stop you from enjoying your favorite foods and beverages.

CBD oil may have numerous side effects, but mouth numbness wasn’t originally included. Experts attribute mouth numbness to the following situations.

1. THC Content

CBD is one of the hundreds of phytocannabinoids of the hemp plant, and CBD contains an extensive profile of compounds, nutrients, and cannabinoids, including THC.

CBD is found in high amounts in the hemp plant, and THC is found in high amounts in the marijuana plant. CBD is non-psychoactive while THC is psychoactive.

Even though THC is federally banned, the FDA allows the sale of CBD products that contain up to 0.3% THC. Such products contain full-spectrum CBD.

For some people, upon consuming full-spectrum CBD, their immune system might react to the THC content by inducing mouth or throat numbness.

2. Poor Manufacturing Standards

Quality CBD products are typically made of organic ingredients, processed within a GMP-certified facility, and undergo third-party lab testing.

And so, if you have the misfortune of buying low-quality CBD products, it can cause you to experience side effects like mouth numbness.

Novice CBD consumers usually don’t know what to look for in a trusted CBD brand and they end up buying substandard CBD products (while paying exorbitant amounts).

One of the reasons why it’s becoming increasingly hard for the government to crash dishonest businesses is because of the internet dimension.

I mean, someone could wake up from sleep and set up an online CBD store, buying media, and in a few hours, they’ll be fulfilling orders.

And so, we cannot stress enough the importance of making sure that you’re buying quality CBD products.

3. Overdosing

Research suggests that if you consume excessive CBD, you wouldn’t experience any negative health effects.

Some people consume more CBD than the recommended amount, and it may cause them to experience side effects like numbed mouths.

Different factors determine the appropriate CBD dosage. Some of these factors include age, weight, sex, and metabolic rate.

Many CBD brands provide dosage guidelines to their customers, but in the absence of a dosage guideline, you may use an online dosage calculator.

Taking more than the recommended dosage won’t boost the effectiveness of CBD. Ensure that you stay within dosage limits to enjoy full CBD benefits and avoid side effects.

4. Inexperience

Most people who report experiencing mouth numbness after consuming CBD oil are usually people who have started taking CBD just recently.

As they transition from their early days of swallowing CBD and become veteran CBD consumers, the side effects may fade away.

People are wired differently, and with certain people, their immune system typically bounces with a reaction upon detecting a foreign substance.

But then continued ingestion of the substance sends a positive sign to the immune system, and the person stops feeling any mouth numbness following CBD ingestion.

What To Do When Your Mouth or Throat Becomes Numb After Taking CBD

Admittedly, having a numb mouth or throat isn’t one of the coolest sensations. But the good part is that you don’t need to spend to remedy this problem.

Mouth numbness may stick around for a moment, and so, if you’re patient and you don’t do anything else, it goes away. The following are some tips for fast-tracking healing.

Hydrate: mouth numbness makes you feel as though your mouth is dry, and you may lessen that feeling by hydrating sufficiently.

Neck massage: a gentle neck massage may help with easing your throat muscles and cause the feeling of numbness to diminish.

Sleep: if it’s at night, and you experience mouth numbness after taking CBD, you can hit the bed and your mouth and throat will be okay in the morning.

Does the Method of Ingesting CBD Influence Mouth Numbness?

CBD products are diverse and can be ingested variously. But does the CBD ingestion method have an impact on mouth numbness?

Sublingual CBD refers to CBD products that are placed beneath the tongue, so that the CBD may be absorbed into sublingual blood vessels. Sublingual ingestion leads to high bioavailability, thus making the cannabis compounds have a greater presence.

Inhaled CBD is an ingestion method characterized by smoking and vaping. The CBD smoke or vapor is carried to the lungs before being transported to the brain and other body parts. This ingestion method also makes for high bioavailability.

Topical CBD refers to CBD products that are applied to the skin. The CBD molecules typically sink into the skin and exert a positive contribution. Through topical CBD ingestion method, the least CBD enters the bloodstream, thus it has low bioavailability.

Ingestion methods that make for high CBD bioavailability typically promote side effects like mouth numbness while ingestion methods with low CBD bioavailability lessen the trigger.

Can CBD Hurt Your Throat and Leave it Sore or Pained?

We have never heard of any cases where someone experienced pain in their throat as a result of taking CBD oil or CBD-infused products.

In fact, the contrary is true; CBD is useful in terminating throat pain. CBD has analgesic properties which may help eliminate throat pain.

Whether you have an injured throat or an infection that leaves your soft throat tissues in pain, you can get rid of the pain with CBD.

If you have a common cold, allergy, or upper respiratory tract illness, it’s common to experience a sore throat. CBD may help to cure sore throat and restore a normal feeling and sensation in your throat.

And so, CBD doesn’t cause pain or soreness in the throat, but it rather helps eliminate pain and soreness in the throat and provides a host of other benefits that help you live happily and comfortably.

What Are The Other Side Effects of CBD?

Although research on CBD and other cannabis derivatives isn’t extensive, various studies have determined that CBD can cause fatigue, drowsiness, and nausea in some people.

Some of the risk factors include age, weight, and health status. But it’s also important to note that the vast majority of CBD consumers hardly experience any side effects.

CBD may be ingested in different forms. If you’re experiencing mouth numbness, you might need to adjust your ingestion methods and take it daily.

With constant ingestion, your body becomes familiar with CBD, and this minimizes the inclination of your immune system to give off a reaction when you consume CBD.

The Takeaway: Why You May Feel Numb In the Mouth after Taking CBD

If you experience mouth numbness after consuming CBD, it may be down to your immune system reacting to cannabis elements (especially THC), or it might have to do with low product quality, overdosing, and lack of experience. This side effect is commonly felt by beginners and it doesn’t persist.