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Why Vaping CBD is Safer than Smoking Cigarettes

Cannabidiol has become wildly popular for its health benefits and versatility. Your option isn’t just swallowing some CBD drops, but you can very well vape cannabidiol!

Vaping describes the action of using a vaping tool to convert plant resources into a vapor that you inhale via the mouthpiece.

To the casual observer, it may look like you’re smoking a ciggie, except you are not. A vape device produces a thin warm vapor that doesn’t irritate your soft tissues, especially the lungs.

While vaping, you’re sure to consume 100% cannabis, unlike cigarettes where you inadvertently consume the toxic by-products of elements in rolling papers and other impurities.

Talking to the Doctor

If you decide to vape CBD, it is prudent that you have your doctor in the know. Certain things need to be put in the straight to avoid any possibility of harm.

For one, the doctor determines whether you have a pre-existing health condition, which might affect the dosage that is appropriate for you.

If you’re on other medication, it’s important to establish whether the medication doesn’t react against cannabidiol. Chemical reactions can undermine drug effectiveness or cause side effects.

Additionally, the doctor might recommend trustable brands, which saves you the pain of getting scammed or buying substandard products.

CBD Ensures Discretion

The hot tobacco smoke is conspicuous. For instance, you cannot smoke a cigarette in a public place because people will pick up the smell and stare at you dangerously.

But you can quietly put on your vaping device and inhale the CBD vapor without anybody knowing what you’re silently doing.

When you’re done smoking a cigarette, the aftertaste sticks around for much longer and can be noticed by someone else.

I mean, it’s not uncommon for a girl to deny a dude a kiss because of their cigarette breath, but if you be into vaping, nobody can notice it, and sometimes, the vapor can even be scented.

Vaping the Right Amount

If you ingest more substance than you are supposed to, no matter what it is, it can easily lead to complications.

Cigarettes contain nicotine, an addictive substance. It’s easy to blur the boundaries so that you smoke excessively and be stuck in an addiction.

But CBD isn’t addictive. If you vape it for a few days, and you notice no changes, you can decide to stop and there wouldn’t be any withdrawal effects.

But it’s also important to get the dosage right. The perfect dosage ensures that you achieve the results that you want.

But then the dosage is determined by various things:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Health status

Thankfully, most CBD products, at least the ones from quality companies, have dosage recommendations. You may also use an online dosage calculator to get it right.

For some odd reason, some people ignore the dosage guidelines and ingest more cannabidiol than they are supposed to.

Thankfully, CBD isn’t like marijuana, where an overdose can result in an intense and immobilizing high, or alcohol where excessive consumption can lead to death.

When you overdose on CBD, you may not get high, or lose your life, but the side effects can include excessive sweating, drowsiness, and stomach upset.

Vaping is Cool

Let’s not act like being cool isn’t a currency in this age of capturing Insta-worthy moments. Some people think that smoking cigarette makes them cool, but cigarettes pose a health risk and might cause cancer and sexual health complications.

Vape pens are small handheld devices with fantastic designs. You look cool when consuming cannabidiol out of a vape pen. You can match your vape pens with accessories and clothing.

Vaping CBD will always be a far healthier, safer, and better alternative to smoking cigarettes.