Why It’s Okay for Mormons to Consume Marijuana

Mitt Romney, the guy who unsuccessfully ran for the American presidency in 2012, is a Mormon. Most people seem to think that Mormonism is a complex religion. Do they allow marijuana?

Mormons believe in leading an existence that pleases their maker, so adherents must never engage in immoral practices like stealing or sexual immorality.

One of the values they hold in the highest regard is honesty. Adherents aren’t supposed to bend the truth for selfish gains.

A person who follows this religion strictly behaves in a manner that can be termed saintly. There are also a few things that they aren’t supposed to touch or indulge in.

Mormonism Stance on Marijuana

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints doesn’t clearly state that marijuana is prohibited, but that’s the assumption considering that it prohibits drugs.

Marijuana has several health benefits, and it is unfair to term marijuana a drug. This nature-given plant helps people overcome several health nightmares including cancer and autoimmune diseases.

In light of the UN delisting on marijuana as a drug, we can say that marijuana is now at the same level as a profound herbal plant.

If you be of the faith of Mormonism, and you have conditions like anxiety, depression, and epilepsy, don’t stop yourself from consuming marijuana to treat these conditions.

What Mormonism Prohibits

This religion is big on maintaining purity, and they believe that the consumption of certain things makes an individual dirty.

  1. Alcohol

Excessive alcohol alters your mental state, which is why drunks behave strangely, and generally utter things that make them seem abnormal.

Alcohol is also a depressant, and it can make you mentally unstable, causing you to behave or act like someone who is mentally unhinged.

Alcohol prohibition by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is aimed at rescuing people from unbecoming behaviors and sticking to righteousness.

Alcohol has been legal for the longest time, but its impacts are far worse than marijuana, and yet marijuana has health improvement benefits but remains illegal under federal law.

  1. Tobacco

Mormonism prohibits its adherents from inhaling hot and dry tobacco smoke because it intoxicates the body.

Nicotine, the biggest compound of tobacco, is an addictive stimulant. Excessive tobacco consumption can lead to cancers of the lung, larynx, and kidney.

When you be a Mormon you are supposed to have an upright mind and desist from indulging in smokables that contain heavy nicotine levels.

China has notably high tobacco smokers and most people be Buddhists.

  1. Tea & coffee

Admittedly, banning tea and coffee is a bit tough, considering that these drinks are standard beverages across the world.

Both tea and coffee contain nicotine, which is addictive, and the church probably fears that her adherents will become slaves to these drinks, so much so they cannot function without them.

Tea and coffee may contain nicotine, but they don’t have any discernibly negative impacts on the mind of an individual like, say, alcohol or tobacco.

  1. Gambling

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints holds that it is immoral to get money without providing equal value.

And so, any form of gambling is prohibited by Mormons, as this habit is notorious for encouraging people to be lazy and to resist the will of God.

People who get addicted to gambling usually destroy their lives and this damage extends to their dependents, thus ruining their families.

  1. Profane Language

This church requires that its members must stick to “clean” language. Swearing and using curse words are prohibited by the church as these behaviors promote hostility and viciousness.

  1. Occult Practices

The church strongly denounces any form of reverence to false gods.