Why is CBD Banned on Amazon?

So you read about the amazing benefits of CBD, and you thought to give it try, and later that night you was in your bed typing out “CBD oil” on Amazon, except that you never saw any products labeled CBD… Why is that?

The short answer is that Amazon doesn’t give a shit, but the long answer is that it boils down to legal gymnastics. You see, Amazon serves customers in all corners of the wind, and governments closely follow to see whether Amazon flouts any rules.

Now, most CBD products usually contain many other cannabinoids, including THC.

The legal status of THC varies from country to country, and so Amazon is not willing to take the risk of shipping products with THC content into countries where it is banned, because it would present legal challenges or potentially make them lose money.

You see, hemp-derived CBD contains THC.

But… I Saw Products Labelled “Hemp Extract”?!

Why is it that when you search for CBD oil on Amazon, you instead find hemp products? It’s simply because these products are derived from hemp seeds, not hemp flowers, and they have zero THC, and thus no potential for psychoactive energy.

When you consume hemp seed extracts, you gain benefits from the high concentration of CBD, but since the product is without THC content, you never experience the entourage effect, and most certainly you never get high.

Amazon understands that selling products with zero THC will never get them into any trouble with any entity on sea or land.

Should I Buy Hemp Products on Amazon?

CBD comes with amazing benefits because of a phenomenon known as the entourage effect. In this phenomenon, the cannabinoids and phytochemicals of the hemp plant work synergistically to deliver powerful health benefits.

Sadly, in most of these hemp extracts found on Amazon, most of these cannabinoids and phytochemicals are stripped, and so they are only good for delivering specific effects, but never holistic health benefits.

But still, people are buying these products, and you can join them too. If you are struggling with anxiety or pain or stress disorder, and want to zero in on your problem, you can place your order for a hemp seed extract.

Am I Assured of Quality?

You see, Amazon sellers are just faceless entities who publish their products and take advantage of the massive Amazon traffic. This creates a loop for unscrupulous sellers to inject their subpar products in the market.

We always say that if you are looking to buy CBD products, you have to make sure that the product is 3rd party lab-tested and that it has been derived from the organically-grown hemp plant, and been produced within high standards.

You certainly don’t want to be consuming some CBD products that was maybe prepared in a sitting room in a third-world country with the assistance of overworked kids. But let’s face it; we don’t know what kind of environment these Amazon sellers operate from.

But when you are dealing with an independent CBD company, you can be able to check their website to verify whether their products are 3rd party lab-tested, and you can see their extraction processes and their facilities.

Without a doubt, the independent CBD companies stand head and shoulders above Amazon, largely because their claims are verifiable, unlike Amazon where you have no choice but to trust the seller.

Will Amazon Allow CBD in the Future?

It’s hard to tell, but with the pace of things now, there’s a huge likelihood that hemp-derived CBD will become legal across the planet.

At that point, I’m sure Jeff Bezos won’t be worried about no government coming for a pound of his flesh.

Amazon remains a powerful middleman in goods exchanging hands, and they have optimized their shipping service.

CBD is not like bread; it won’t go bad after two days, but still, it’s important to receive your package in time because it eliminates the risk for tampering.

Do Some People Sell CBD on Amazon Fraudulently?

It goes back to what we were saying about the inability to verify the contents of the bottle. I mean, if the content is labeled “Pure Hemp Oil” Who are we to contest?

But word is that some headstrong Amazon sellers put CBD in their concoctions anyway, knowing too well that once the customer receives that healthy punch, they become loyal.

Amazon has no system in place to verify the claims on the label, and so they act based on the product information given by the seller.

So, yes, there are claims that you can still find CBD on Amazon, but you cannot tell which seller is that unless you find their product by chance.

Of course, if Amazon finds out that the product contains CBD, it’s a breach of contract, and the Bezos army is kind of ruthless dealing with errant parties. They simply lock down the seller account and take away their monies and the seller complains and then keeps quiet.

Amazon Hemp Products Lack Personality

You know, buyers want to be part of something. Top CBD companies have a mission and they easily attract likeminded customers. For instance, in the wake of police genocide against black men in America, many CBD companies advocated for black people’s rights.

It’s what separates a good company from becoming just another money-grabbing company. see, with these Amazon sellers, we don’t know what part of the world they are operating from, we don’t know whether they use child labor, or what they stand for.

That’s why we accuse them of lacking personality.

If you are going to buy some hemp seed extract from Amazon, the most important thing is to go through the reviews. Generally, stay away from products with no reviews, because you don’t want to be the guinea pig.

I have noticed that if a seller puts out a subpar hemp product, customers soon catch up with them, and leave nasty reviews, and more often than not, these sellers quit. But you don’t want to be the person that realizes he’s a scammer. Stick to highly-rated products.