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Why have Cannabis Stocks Skyrocketed?

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Over the last few years, the landscape of the cannabis industry has been evolving.

Thanks to progress in legalizing cannabis, the cannabis market has been doing well.

The truest indicator of this market growth is the recent surge in cannabis stocks.

According to reports, cannabis stocks are up 35% in the last 14 days.

And experts have hinted that we better get used to this upward trajectory of cannabis stocks.

This performance of cannabis stocks has been fuelled by various bureaucratic lobbyings.

Once these developments have been actualized, the cannabis industry will perform wonders.

According to reports, cannabis is set to be reclassified and then legalized federally. These developments will create an enabling environment for cannabis businesses to thrive.

If you’re a stock market investor, we suggest that you resolve to buy cannabis stocks. Cannabis stocks have been performing well lately and are projected to perform even better in the future.

Cannabis stocks have been performing poorly since 2021 but started doing well in September 2023