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Why Do Smart People Use Marijuana?

Do you smoke marijuana on the regular? Congratulations! You must be a very smart person!

Smart people smoke marijuana for these reasons:

1. Marijuana eliminates social anxiety

Are you familiar with social anxiety? That evil bitch in your head that won’t let you behave in a well-adjusted manner during a social encounter.

If you have social anxiety, people will pick up on it, and they will bill you as an outcast who cannot fit in with the rest.

Smoking marijuana on the regular is one of the ways to overcome social anxiety. THC induces euphoria and causes you to overcome your inhibitions.

If you are going to meet people, just smoke a few joints, and you won’t be fazed.

2. Marijuana supports weight loss

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be fat and gross, anything that assists me to lose weight is my friend.

When you smoke marijuana you kick up your metabolism. You force your body to eat into its fat reserves and thus you lose weight.

Rapid metabolism induces thirst, and when you drink water regularly to stay hydrated, it also encourages weight loss.

Various marijuana strains promote sleep quality and consequently enhance weight loss.

3. Helps manage depression

In these tough economic times, money is hard to come by, and the responsibilities don’t seem to be slowing down.

Slowly, we inch into the waters of depression, and the cliché tips of keeping an upright posture and looking people in the eye don’t seem to work anymore.

But here’s something that works: marijuana. When you ingest THC, it runs up into your brain, inducing calm and euphoria.

Smoking marijuana can make you feel like the king of the world. Cannabinoids are extremely helpful in putting depression at bay.

Whenever you be feeling down, just smoke marijuana.

4. Helps manage ADHD

Some people like myself have a tough time concentrating on the task at hand. We are easily distracted. This causes us to waste our time. And we fall short of meeting our goals.

But with marijuana, we may acquire the superhuman strength of focus. Of course, you need to be selective with the strains to achieve the desired effects.

Managing ADHD is the answer to success. It helps you make the best use of your time. It helps you meet your goals and have the life you always envisioned.

5. Help manage pain

You can pick up an injury while engaging in sports or by an accident at your workplace, but whatever the case, pain is a bitch.

You wouldn’t perform any meaningful work when your body is in pain. Your bones and your muscles call out for attention.

But marijuana is proven to help manage pain. It contains an extensive range of cannabinoids that promote synergistic pain relief.

For people battling chronic pain, this condition can be extremely discomforting, but marijuana helps you manage the condition and lead to a happy existence.

6. Eliminates nausea

If we stumble on a disgusting image or video when we are about to eat, it’s understandable to lose our appetite and even become nauseous.

But if we experience nausea on the regular, that’s upsetting. Nausea can stop us from being healthy and send us into a cesspool of unstable moods and unhappiness.

One of the best ways to overcome nausea is by smoking marijuana. The cannabinoids interact with our brain, and stimulate hunger, causing us to want to eat.

Prolonged nausea is not just unhealthy but it can be fatal.

As scientists publish new research on the health benefits of marijuana, more people are turning to this God-given herb for the sake of their health.