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Which Hollywood Stars Use CBD?

Hollywood is so powerful because it shapes our perceptions very subtly. And what about Hollywood stars? Oh, these are small gods. What does Hollywood feel about CBD?

The life of an actor is much too hectic, and CBD can be super-helpful. It can boost their energy after intense shoots.

In Hollywood, looks are vital, and thus CBD is a fantastic beauty accessory, as it makes the skin glossy and smooth.

Many players in Hollywood are also business people, and considering the vast potential of cannabis, actors like Martha Stewart are creating their CBD businesses.

In this post, we list down various Hollywood actors that endorse CBD.

1. Mike Tyson

In his heyday, he used to punch people for a living, and Mike has never lost relevance. Today he’s creating a cannabis empire and helping hood guys turn their lives around.

2. Mandy Moore

This Television actress and dancer confessed many times that she takes CBD to overcome pain in her feet especially after dancing.

3. Seth Rogen

We know him for his comedy, but Seth Rogen is also passionate about cannabis. He’s a cannabis consumer and is vocal about legalization.

4. Kim Kardashian

No person with an internet connection doesn’t know who this be. She may have launched her career controversially, but Kim K has a great body and a great business mind. In 2019, she made her love for CBD clear by throwing a CBD-themed birthday party for her daughter.

5. Morgan Freeman

This man’s voice is out of this world. But he turned to cannabis after surviving a road accident. Morgan started using CBD products for their pain-relief properties.

6. Megan Rapinoe

This soccer superstar won the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year Award. Megan disclosed she uses CBD to supercharge her performance. Recently, she became the brand ambassador of Mendi.

7. Jennifer Aniston

This Hollywood queen might be in her fifties, but she looks perfect. One of her secrets is ingesting CBD on the regular.

8. Toni Braxton

What a beauty! Toni has been around for quite some time and she never lost relevance. Sadly, she was diagnosed with lupus in 2008, and she reveals that CBD helps manage the condition.

9. Tommy Chong

Tommy is a Canadian actor and comedian. At 80, some of his peers are in nursing homes, but Tommy is still gallivanting around the world and performing in sold-out shows. He’s never shy to proclaim that cannabis helps him. Tommy also has a cannabis business that goes by his name.

10. Nate and Nick Diaz

These brothers are MMA fighters. They speak highly of CBD, saying that it helps them train effectively, and avoid getting crippled by anxiety.

11. Alessandra Ambrosio

Brazilian model Alessandra praises CBD for its effectiveness in overcoming anxiety and enhancing mental calm. The world of modeling can be tumultuous and you need to be a solid person to succeed.

12. Kristen Bell

She disclosed that she has battled mental illness for so long, but CBD helps calm her anxiety and depression. Kristen also takes CBD after exercise.

13. Whitney Port

What a goddess! She’s married to Tim Rosenman and they have a son, Sonny.  Whitney confesses that she uses CBD to calm her nerves and to overcome her migraines.

14. Minka Kelly

This Hollywood darling has been linked with South African comedian, Trevor Noah. She has nothing but praise for CBD. She confesses to using CBD for its amazing relaxation effects.

15. Steve Kerr

He’s not exactly a Hollywood figure, but his achievements have put him on the world stage, and soon Hollywood will come knocking. Steve is the dude behind Golden State Warrior’s meteoric rise. But Steve said that cannabis is more effective at eliminating pain than OTC drugs ever could.

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