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Where to Buy Cannabis Products in South Africa

South Africa is one of the countries in Africa whose citizens are free, to a degree, to enjoy cannabis products, and so there’s a vibrant cannabis economy in South Africa.

While the government okays the private consumption of cannabis, public consumption is prohibited, but then the enforcement of that law is a bit sloppy.

In South Africa, the following are some of the best companies you can buy cannabis products such as CBD, marijuana, and smoking glasses from:

Top CBD Dispensaries in South Africa

1. africanpure

2. Cannabis Oil South Africa

3. Cannabis Queen

4. The CBD Oil Company

5. alkmi CBD

6. Goodleaf

7. Elixinol

8. FourFiveCBD

9. Hemporium

10. Cannamics

Top Marijuana Dispensaries in South Africa

1. Marijuana SA

2. Hey Bud SA

3. Taste of Cannabis

4. Canna-Bliss

5. AdAstra

6. Cape Cannabis Club

7. Zootly

8. 420 Bliss South Africa

9. Cannabis Clinics South Africa

10. 420 monkeys

Top Headshops in South Africa

1. African Smoke

2. LOUDcpt

3. Little Amsterdam Headshop


5. SlowSmoke

6. Skyline Vape & Smoke Lounge

7. The Smoke Shop

8. Puff Puff Pass

9. Scent & Smoke

10. Wesley’s

Pet CBD Companies in South Africa

1. Vitozol

2. Vondis

3. Gizzls Treats for Dogs and Cats

4. Puppify

5. Milagro Hemp Products

Cannabis-Friendly Bed and Breakfast in South Africa

1. Blue Mango Lodge

2. Purple Haze Eco Lodge

3. Kommetjie

4. Pleasant Pool Cottage

5. Vuna Valley Lodge

Top Vape Stores in South Africa

1. Honeyvape

2. Vaperite

3. Vape King

4. Evolution Vape

5. Vape Junction

6. Vape Cartel

Cannabis Seed Banks in South Africa

1. Bud Buddies

2. Groen Seeds

3. G420 Seeds

4. Cannabist

5. Trophy Seeds

6. President Seeds

7. The Green Smoke Room Seeds

8. Biltong and Budz

Cannabis Delivery Service in South Africa

1. Weedzy

2. AdAstra

3. Four20SA

4. WEEDeliver