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Where to Buy Cannabis Products in London

In recent polls, it has been found that Londoners are in favor of the decriminalization of cannabis and establishing progressive canna laws.

In London, cannabis laws are restrictive. THC products are met with prohibition, except where one is using them for medicinal reasons.

One of the cannabis products that are legal in London is CBD oil. But then again CBD manufacturers must adhere to certain laws and standards.

CBD products must not contain more than 0.2% THC, and they have to be processed in GMP-certified facilities and organic ingredients.

If you have been approved by a relevant medical authority to take cannabis products for managing your health issues, you’re free to shop for cannabis products in London.

Even though London isn’t the friendliest city to cannabis consumers, there’s still a cannabis community, and you can buy quality cannabis products from the following businesses:

Top CBD Dispensaries in London

1. Otherside – CBD Cannabinoid Dispensary

2. Dr. Hemp Me

3. Sarah’s CBD


5. The CBD Dispensary

6. Pure CBD Health

7. Green House CBD Specialists

8. The London Dispensary

9. Cannaray CBD

10. Canniant

Top Headshops in London

1. Shiva Online

2. Dragons Head Shop

3. Headshop King

4. Segar & Snuff Parlour

5. Smokers Paradise

6. Davidoff of London