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Where to Buy Cannabis Products in Canada

Cannabis is legal for both recreational and medicinal use, although the production, possession, distribution, and sale of cannabis are regulated.

But at least Canadians enjoy the amazing benefits of cannabis even if they have to keep in mind various provincial and territorial restrictions.

The cannabis industry in Canada is expanding which means the demand for cannabis products and services is on the up and up.

As a cannabis consumer in Canada, you want nothing but the best products and services. The industry is massive and you need to be keen.

We have done the research and listed down businesses in diverse cannabis sectors that are trustworthy and offer top-tier products and services.

Top CBD Dispensaries in Canada

1. CBDNorth

2. resolveCBD

3. Honest Botanicals

4. Flow CBD

5. CBD Direct Online

6. Mellow CBD

7. Natural Mystic Cannabis & CBD

8. CBD Oil Canada


10. FivePoint Cannabis Bridgeland



13. Blue Sky Hemp Ventures

14. Redecan

15. Aviva Natural Health Solutions

Top Marijuana Dispensaries in Canada

1. Ontario Cannabis Store

2. Green Society

3. Canna Cabana

4. Ganja Express

5. BC Cannabis Stores

6. THC Canada

7. Get Kush

8. ToGo Weed

9. Acreage Pharms

10. Hunny Pot Cannabis

11. Tokyo Smoke

Top Headshops in Canada

1. Head Candy Smoke Shop

2. Best Buds Forever

3. BC Smoke Shop

4. Jupiter Grass

5. Shoprite Smoke Shop

6. MaryJanes Official

7. 420 Kings

8. The Wee Smoke Shop

9. Haze Smoke Shop

10. Gord’s Smoke Shop

11. Tokers Head Shop

12. Head Candy Smoke Shop

13. Best Bongz

14. The Hippy Co

15. The Mount Smoke Shop

16. Honeypot Smoke Shop


18. The Next Level

19. Puffing Bird

20. Puff Pipes

Pet CBD Companies in Canada

1. CBD Pet

2. Flow CBD

3. CBDNorth

4. Pawt 4 Paws

5. Healthier Pet

6. Plant of Life

7. Paws Pet Pad

8. Moonlight Pet Store

9. Pawtanical 

10. True Leaf Pet

Delta 8 Stores in Canada

1. Happy Bears

2. Zen Bliss

3. Toking Teepee

4. Delta Eight Pharmaceuticals

5. Real Canadian Superstore

Cannabis-Friendly Bed & Breakfast in Canada

1. Hotel Zed Tofino

2. Green Cedar Retreat

3. Sir Sam’s Inn and Spa

4. Airways Country Inn

5. Auberge Renaissance Hostel

Cannabis Vaporizer Stores in Canada

1. Flamingo + Plus



4. Tools 420

5. Vape4Change

Cannabis Seed Banks in Canada

1. Coastal Mary Seeds

2. Farmers Lab Seeds

3. Quebec Cannabis Seeds

4. Rocket Seeds

5. Seed Drop

Cannabis Delivery Service in Canada

1. Hydro Green Cannabis Delivery

2. Quadzilla Cannabis Online Dispensary

3. Red Eye Express Cannabis Delivery Service

4. THC Canada

5. Karuna Weed Delivery

6. Mount Herbal – Whistler Cannabis Delivery

7. Ganja Candy Shop Cannabis Delivery