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What’s the Difference Between CBD Vape Mods and CBD Vape Pods?

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If you’ve just started vaping CBD, you’ll have noticed that the vaping products are varied, and it can be a bit of a challenge to find your true preference.

Whether you’re taking CBD to manage a nicotine addiction or to improve your wellness, vaping will make for rapid cannabidiol effects.

Vaping tools and devices come in diverse designs, and they incorporate a range of accessories like cartridges, atomizers, and batteries.

CBD vape mods and CBD vape pods are some of the popular vaping tools, but they each incorporate varied features that influence the vaping experience.

Whether you’re a novice or veteran in CBD vaping, it’s good to understand the differences between vape mods and vape pods and discover what option is best.

CBD Vape Mods

CBD vape mods typically have a higher vegetable glycerine content, which is why they produce denser and larger vape clouds than other vaping systems.

Vape pods are generally larger than vape pods; they have external batteries, and they give out more power. Vape pods have a greater range of features.

The vaping hardware is assimilated, consisting of the tank and battery compartment and other essential accessories, and you just activate the device to start vaping.

Both CBD vape mods and CBD vape pods can use similar vape juice, but CBD vape mods give off bigger vape clouds and stronger flavors.

CBD Vape Pods

CBD vape pods, also called pods, or cartridges, are compact vape devices that consist of vape juice and vaping hardware. Vape pods are usually disposable.

They come in a range of designs, which allows for an interchange of cartridges, and thanks to their compact and sleek build, they are easier to carry and use.

The hardware for vape pods might be varied, but the two main components are the pod and the battery compartment. The pod contains vape juice.

To use a vape pod, you typically click the pod into the battery compartment, turn the device on, and start your vaping session.

Features of CBD Vape Mods and CBD Vape Pods

The subtle differences between CBD vape mods and CBD vape pods are made evident in their features:

Size: vape pods are typically smaller, and have a thinner and more compact build. They are popular among people that like vaping discreetly. On the other hand, vape mods usually have a bigger size, thus they may not disappear in your palm when you hold them, and unlike vape pods that can be carried in a fist or tucked into a shirt pocket, vape mods usually need to be tucked into a bag or something. The one thing that makes vape mods bulkier is the tank system, but on the plus side, this feature makes for bigger vape clouds.

Aesthetics: vape pods typically have a sleeker design as compared to vape mods. Vape pods are smaller and possess greater aesthetics than vape mods. Vape mods have a tank that makes them seem bulky and rigid. Many people prefer vape pods to vape mods because it helps them make a statement, especially in social settings.

Power: the batteries for vape mods usually have a greater power capacity than the batteries for vape pods, which is part of the reason why vape mods generate thicker vape clouds. Vape mods batteries are usually rechargeable while vape pods generally feature non-rechargeable batteries.

Vape juice: with vape mods, the vape juice may be replaced once it runs out, but vape pods usually come with a designated amount of vape juice, and the pod is disposed of after the vape juice runs out.

What is the Better Option?

At the end of the day, our tastes and preferences are never the same. If you like bigger vape clouds and greater flavor, vape mods are more suitable. But, if you like discreet CBD consumption, customizations, and aesthetics, vape pods would be more suitable. Whether you’re a veteran or novice consumer, you can play around with both vaping systems to see what you like best.

The Takeaway: CBD Vape Pods Vs. CBD Vape Mods

The demand for CBD is on the up, and people are trying all the different ways of ingesting it. With CBD vaping, you use a vaporizer to inhale CBD vape juice. This ingestion method has become popular because of its capacity to exert rapid cannabidiol effects, as well as its ease of use. You can choose either vape mods or vape pods to enhance your vaping experience.