So, you recently saw an article on the health benefits of cannabis and you have decided to consume it? There are a few things you should know.

I mean, we all react differently to smoking weed. With a pipe, the hot smoke hits the soft tissues of your throat, forcing you to let out a few coughs.

The high typically creeps up on you, heightening your senses, and allowing you to see the humor in practically everything.

It uplifts you into a euphoric state, making you feel invincible. Some people may resist the urge to leave their spot (couch or bed), others become super active, and others still grow sleepy.

Strangely enough, some people never get high when they first consume marijuana.

Tips for First-Time Marijuana Smokers

And so, if you’re using marijuana for the first time, the following are important things to have in mind.

1. Make sure the environment is right.

No harm in consuming marijuana, but good golly, there’s much too politics around it. Some environments make decent areas to consume cannabis but others are hell.

Marijuana may be legal in many states, but still, there are many others where it isn’t legal. If you live in a state where marijuana is not legal, of course, you have to watch out.

If you are hitting your first joint ever, you want to have the company of a friend, and not be out in the dark by yourself.

Eventually, you should want to be part of a tribe of marijuana smokers. It’s the shared experiences and fun that elevate the significance of marijuana.

Weed typically has a strong scent. If you’re smoking out of a room, make sure that the ventilation is dependable, or else a busy body might catch the whiff of marijuana and put you into trouble.

2. Don’t mix marijuana with other intoxicating substances

I know, I know, your momma said you’re one strong fellow and you took her word as gospel truth, but by Jove, don’t mix marijuana with other drugs.

It can lead to negative effects bursting inside you and depending on the severity, even altering your life for good is on the cards.

As a novice cannabis user, you should ingest a small quantity of cannabis the first time, and gradually increase the dosage over time.

And so, if you’re an alcohol drinker, and you decide to try marijuana, make sure you’re not tipsy. Otherwise, you may get so knocked; out that you awaken feeling hazy in a hospital bed.

3. Don’t smoke weed and drive

They say “don’t drink and drive”, but the same logic applies to weed smokers too, especially if it’s their first time using weed.

If it’s your first time getting high, it can have you entertaining wild thoughts, and getting behind a wheel in that state is not commendable.

But then again, it is safer to drive a car while stoned, than driving while drunk. It’s still a wonder how alcohol (straight-up devil’s piss) is legal and yet marijuana with its numerous therapeutic benefits is criminalized.

4. Stay hydrated

When you smoke weed, you shake up your physiological processes, which causes high metabolism and subsequent water draining.

If you’re always waiting to feel thirsty before you drink water, you’re very well on a path to dehydration and poor health.

Take water before you smoke weed, and ensure your body is always hydrated, for this promotes your wellbeing.

5. Don’t overconsume

The last thing you want is to smoke more marijuana than your body (and brain) can handle. Marijuana contains THC, a chemical compound with psychoactive properties.

If this chemical is ingested in vast proportions, it can affect the normal body processes, and worse, trigger health complications.

If it’s your first time smoking weed, just get through one joint, and wait to see how you react.