What You Need to Know Before Taking Water-Soluble CBD

If you’re a CBD consumer, you have probably heard about water-soluble CBD, and it probably got you confused. What is this thing?

It’s precisely what the name suggests: a form of CBD that dissolves in water. Water-soluble CBD promotes the achievement of rapid CBD effects.

Some superior technology is behind this CBD form, and it has granted people more options when it comes to ingesting cannabidiol.

Water-soluble CBD products are versatile, efficient, and fast-acting. These factors have caused many people to shift to CBD to improve their well-being.

Water-soluble CBD products may have been developed recently but are quickly attracting attention, because of their unique features.

Understanding Water-Soluble CBD

Up to 60% of the human body consists of water, and given that CBD products are generally not soluble in water, the rate of absorption of CBD is low.

Through micellization technology, CBD oil is encapsulated in water, thus making it easy for a huge percentage of the CBD to be absorbed by the body.

This micellization technology transforms CBD oil to water-soluble and drives up the absorption rate of CBD from 10% to above 90%.

The effects are felt faster, and stronger, whist conserving resources.

Considering that water-soluble CBD products are hugely convenient, industry experts predict that this form of CBD will become the gold standard in the near future.

Features of Water-Soluble CBD

More people are getting drawn to water-soluble CBD products for different reasons, but always perform your due diligence.

High bioavailability: when we talk of CBD bioavailability, we mean the percentage of CBD in the bloodstream, and the higher the bioavailability, the faster and stronger the CBD effects. Water-soluble CBD products have been shown to have excellent bioavailability.

Easy-to-measure dosage: ingesting more than the recommended amount of CBD may not seriously harm your health, but it can result in various side effects. Some CBD products can make it hard to measure out the doses appropriately. But water-soluble CBD products have a consistent CBD concentration that makes it easy to measure out the dosage.

Versatile: CBD consumers have varied tastes and preferences, especially when it comes to ingestion methods. Some people like taking CBD orally, others like taking it sublingually, yet others want topical ingestion. Water-soluble CBD products may be ingested in a variety of ways.

Excellent shelf life: water-soluble CBD products are suitable for use for typically twice longer than average CBD products.

Pros & Cons of Water Soluble CBD

  • Excellent bioavailability
  • Rapid effects onset
  • High shelf life
  • Improved taste
  • Flexible
  • May contain emulsifiers

How to Take Water-Soluble CBD Products

Water-soluble CBD products may be taken in diverse ways, and people usually have fun when consuming them.

Sublingual ingestion: this involves dropping CBD under your tongue and holding for a moment for the CBD to be absorbed by sublingual blood vessels. With traditional CBD oil, you may have to hold for up to a minute, but when using water-soluble CBD, you need to hold for just 10 seconds.

Oral ingestion: water-soluble CBD products may be ingested orally by themselves or after mixing the CBD with foods and beverages. It doesn’t get any spicier than adding some CBD oil to your smoothie or cocktail.

Topical ingestion: creams based on water-soluble CBD may be applied to the skin for the elimination of skin disorders and the achievement of mental calm and relaxation.

How Does Water-Soluble CBD Work?

Every living organism with a spinal column has an endocannabinoid system; this is the biological system that controls most of our body processes.

The endocannabinoid system consists of cannabinoid receptors situated all over the body. CBD is carried to different parts of the body where it makes a rendezvous with these cannabinoid receptors to regulate body processes.

By ingesting water-soluble CBD, nearly all of the CBD is utilized, and thus the effects of CBD kick in rapidly, and the effects are stronger.

Should You Consult Your Doctor Before Taking Water-Soluble CBD?

CBD is not considered a prescription medicine. And so, it’s totally okay to not consult your doctor before ingesting water-soluble CBD.

But then you must know that your wellness partly stems from being aware of how the things that you ingest can affect your body and mind.

And so, if you have a pre-existing health issue, and are on medication, it’s prudent to consult your doctor before ingesting any water-soluble CBD products.

This is especially helpful because it prevents the occurrence of drug interactions.

Is Water-Soluble CBD Superior to Regular CBD Oil?

It comes down to what you’re looking for. Water-soluble CBD has its amazing features but regular CBD oil has its fantastic qualities too.

When buying CBD products, it helps to perform your due diligence, so that you decide whether or not the CBD product is going to precisely meet your needs.

Water-soluble CBD offers rapid and stronger effects mainly because of the high bioavailability, and so, if you’re looking for quick and strong effects, water-soluble CBD is a winner.

Why Do Some People Avoid Water-Soluble CBD?

Apparently, one of the cost-cutting measures by CBD companies is to use oil-based emulsifiers in the production of water-soluble CBD.

And these oil-based emulsifiers are suspected to cause inflammatory and gastrointestinal problems that can develop into serious conditions with the passage of time.

Ensure that the water-soluble CBD products you want to use are ethically manufactured and pose no risk to your health.

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