What You Need to Know Before Taking CBD Wax

CBD wax is slowly becoming a popular CBD product. People love it for its outstanding potency, versatility, and convenience.

Some products like CBD edibles or tinctures may be prepared at home, but with CBD wax, the preparation is complex. Better leave it to professionals.

CBD wax is typically a CBD concentrate. While average CBD products consist of about 30% – 50% CBD, CBD wax can contain upwards of 80% CBD.

The excellent potency of CBD wax makes it a popular product among people that need high dosages of CBD, commonly people that ingest CBD for medical reasons.

This product is highly potent, and you only need a small dose to experience strong effects.

What is CBD Wax?

As the name suggests, this CBD product has the characteristic sticky texture of wax, and a lustrous exterior, because of its purity.

CBD wax is a form of cannabis concentrate, it’s created from the hemp plant, and you may ingest it without experiencing any psychoactive effects.

CBD wax is a convenient product as it causes fast and strong cannabidiol effects even upon ingesting a relatively small quantity.

Most people usually dab CBD wax, but this is a versatile product that may also be ingested through vaping, as an edible, or via the tongue.

To enjoy the true benefits of CBD wax, ensure that you buy it from a reputable CBD company.

How is CBD Wax Made?

As we noted earlier, the procedures behind the creation of CBD wax, are not basic procedures that you can easily do on your own. And for that reason, we discourage preparing CBD wax at home.

In the creation of CBD wax, manufacturers use the closed-loop system, where solvents aren’t exposed to open air but are confined within a closed-loop system.

The two common systems of creating CBD wax are Butane Hash Oil Extraction (BHO) and Carbon Dioxide (C02) Extraction.

Butane Hash Oil Extraction

This extraction method utilizes butane as the solvent for preparing CBD wax. Special butane properties enable it to strip the hemp plant of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

After extraction, butane is vaporized, leaving behind a highly concentrated form of cannabidiol. Most manufacturers favor this extraction system but there are some downsides.

For one, butane is a highly flammable gas, and in case of errors, things could get explosive. And there’s also the risk of high residual solvents being found in the final product.

Carbon Dioxide (C02) Extraction

This is the other major system of creating CBD wax. It involves passing supercritical carbon dioxide through hemp resources to harvest the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

After extraction, carbon dioxide evaporates at room temperature, leaving behind the highly concentrated CBD wax.

This extraction method makes for a much purer final product because carbon dioxide doesn’t typically become a residual solvent.

Also, using carbon dioxide as a solvent is much safer, considering that carbon dioxide isn’t flammable and doesn’t support combustion.

Reasons Why People Love CBD Wax

Many people love consuming CBD wax as it helps with managing numerous health problems like stress, anxiety, and pain. But CBD wax be having different features that promote its appeal.

Rapid effects: one of the factors that determine the speed of effects is potency, and CBD wax is highly potent, thus it activates the effects of CBD at a shockingly fast rate.

Excellent for daytime use: one of the reasons why some people avoid cannabis products is because they can cause lethargy or drowsiness. And so, being an employee in a high-performance environment, getting sleepy during the day is the last thing you want. But then CBD wax is a cannabis product that doesn’t induce drowsiness, but on the contrary, improves focus, and energy, and thus ideal for daytime consumption.

Ways of Ingesting CBD Wax

Dabbing: you can get you a dab rig, a dabber, and a blowtorch, and go ahead to enjoy the filtered and chilled smoke of CBD wax.

Dab pen: this tool makes it easy to enjoy CBD wax. You simply load the wax into the heating chamber and then activate the heating system as you inhale smoke.

Sublingual: you can simply place a small amount of CBD wax under your tongue, for the CBD to dissolve into your sublingual blood vessels.

CBD Wax Usage Tips

If you are a fan of CBD wax, the following are some critical tips to have in mind:

  • Ingest different types of CBD wax
  • Try out different ingestion methods
  • Ensure your smoking accessories are in good shape
  • Ingest the correct dosage
  • Establish your favorite flavor

Can CBD Wax Get You High?


CBD wax consists mostly of cannabidiol, and cannabidiol, unlike its cousin THC, doesn’t cause any psychoactive effects.

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