What You Need to Know Before Taking CBD Paste

You have probably heard about CBD tinctures and CBD gummies, but have you heard about CBD paste? CBD pastes are slowly becoming popular.

CBD pastes are not very different than other CBD products, but their standout feature is that they have a higher CBD concentration.

If you like ingesting high dosages of CBD, instead of consuming CBD gummies or infused drinks, you’re better off consuming CBD pastes.

The research on CBD might be basic, but at least we recognize the numerous health benefits of CBD. The diversification of CBD products has been critical in the growth of the CBD market.

What is CBD Paste?

The CBD paste is a form of CBD with a sticky texture. Manufacturers may sell it as a pure extract or enhance it with various organic ingredients.

The quality of CBD paste is mainly determined by the extraction. Some extraction methods beget quality CBD paste whereas others lead to substandard results.

Ideally, the supercritical C02 extraction method is what is mostly used to obtain quality CBD paste. This extraction method eliminates residual solvents and guarantees purity.

CBD pastes generally contain high levels of cannabidiol that range from 60% to 80%, and thus, CBD pastes are ideal for people that love taking a high dosage of CBD.

How is CBD Paste Made?

Generally, you need some resources to be able to produce quality CBD paste, and that’s why you are better off buying CBD paste than producing it with locally available materials.

Using the C02 extraction machine, the industrial hemp is loaded into a chamber, and then exposed to extreme pressure and low temperatures.

CBD is stripped from the industrial hemp and dissolves into C02, and at room temperature, the C02 evaporates, and the cannabidiol paste is obtained.

The CBD paste contains all the naturally occurring cannabinoids plus the organic compounds, and sometimes manufacturers may enhance it with hemp seed oil to achieve a smooth consistency.

This extraction method guarantees pure CBD paste with an earthy aroma.

Different Qualities of CBD Paste

Full-spectrum CBD paste: this is the most common form of CBD paste. It consists of the range of cannabinoids and compounds found in the hemp plant. All these cannabinoids and compounds work synergistically for higher therapeutic effects in a phenomenon known as the entourage effect.

CBD paste enriched with CBD crystals: the purpose of adding CBD crystals to CBD paste is to increase potency and make it ideal for people that love high dosages of CBD.

CBD paste with enhanced aroma: some people avoid raw CBD paste complaining that the taste and smell are displeasing. One of the ways that manufacturers spice up the taste and aroma of CBD paste is by adding terpenes.

Ways of Ingesting CBD Paste

CBD paste is a versatile product. It may be consumed alone, or you may accompany it with other things to enhance its taste and flavor.

When ingesting CBD paste alone, you basically place a small amount beneath your tongue, where the CBD paste melts and enters your bloodstream.

Also, you may squeeze some CBD paste into your favorite foods or beverages, stir things up, and proceed to consume your food or beverage.

Also, CBD paste may be consumed with a dab rig, or by adding a small amount to your herb when smoking, and vape devices compatible with CBD paste might soon become a thing.

Placing the CBD paste under your tongue makes for rapid CBD effects, whereas ingesting the CBD paste orally slows down the onset of effects.

But generally, the speed and strength of CBD effects are dependent on the concentration of cannabidiol, and other factors like your weight, sex, and age.

Health Benefits of CBD Paste

CBD pastes may not be marketed as medicine, but research shows that they help with managing various health problems. CBD pastes are used by diverse groups of people for reasons like:

  • Managing chronic pain
  • Minimizing joint-related pain
  • Eliminating mood disorders
  • Fighting stress and anxiety
  • Overcoming sleep disorders
  • Managing chemotherapy side effects
  • Eliminating nausea

CBD pastes can be easily included in daily routines because they are versatile, and more people are using CBD over OTC or prescription drugs to manage certain health problems.

Things to Consider When Looking for CBD Paste

Quality CBD paste typically has the following features:

  • Extracted from organically farmed industrial hemp
  • Extracted via supercritical C02 equipment
  • Certified that it doesn’t have any harmful compounds

Also, you might want to see that previous customers have reviewed the product favorably.

Can You Cook With CBD Paste?

One of the common ways that people ingest CBD paste is by adding it to their food. It allows you to mask the earthy taste of CBD, and the effects set in slowly, and create prolonged effects. Just prepare your food in the normal way, and then add CBD paste toward the end, so that you don’t subject it to excessive heat and end up damaging some canna-compounds. CBD pastes are typically enclosed in a syringe container for convenience.

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