Some systems of extracting, manufacturing, and storing CBD typically minimize the quality of terpenes, thus downgrading the flavor and aroma of the final product.

CBD consumers have diverse tastes and preferences, but thankfully, the CBD market is supported by many innovative companies that provide endless options.

One of these options is the CBD live resin.

CBD live resin is a form of CBD concentrate, specially produced to preserve cannabis terpenes, and present cannabidiol in its truest natural form.

CBD live resin contains all the naturally occurring cannabinoids and compounds, particularly terpenes, and it delivers rapid effects for its excellent potency.

This is a somewhat delicate form of CBD, but it’s slowly gaining traction, especially amongst consumers that need higher dosages of cannabidiol.

What is CBD Live Resin?

CBD live resin is prepared with unique processes that are aimed at preserving all the organic compounds of the hemp plant.

Freshly harvested hemp buds are not dried or cured before the extraction of resin, but instead, the hemp buds are frozen before and during extraction.

The reason for skipping the drying and curing of hemp buds is that these processes usually damage trichomes, and by extension, the terpenes, thus devastating CBD’s flavor and aroma.

While preparing CBD live resin, the hemp buds are shielded against heat, light, and physical trauma; conditions that can exert damage on various canna compounds.

Quality CBD live resin is characterized by great potency, a distinct canna flavor, and aroma.

How is CBD Live Resin Prepared?

CBD live resin is one of those CBD products that involve complex processes, and so, it’s prudent that a CBD consumer resists the urge to make CBD live resin at their home.

The hemp flower is frozen immediately after harvest, typically by immersing it in liquid nitrogen, or by locking it inside a cooler with ice.

Then the solvent is blown into the plant resources so that the solvent mixes with trichomes, and upon subjecting that mixture to heat, the solvent is vaporized.

Extractors are very careful when applying heat. Excessive heat would ruin the extraction, as it would vaporize terpenes and mess up the color of the resin.

In the production of CBD live resin, there is no room for errors, and so, this undertaking should be left to the experienced hands.

Factors to Consider When Choosing CBD Live Resin

Indoor-grown hemp buds: indoor-grown hemp flowers achieve the best results. Before harvest, the grow lights should be dimmed down a bit, tweaking the light spectrum, to preserve cannabinoids and terpenes, as well as moisture. Hemp flower cultivated in an outdoor setting is typically subjected to sunlight, and the heat can damage various compounds, and end up affecting the quality of hemp flower. And so, for excellent CBD live resin, always choose indoor-grown hemp flower.

100% naturally grown: it’s also important that the hemp flower be cultivated without chemical props like fertilizers and pesticides. It’s important that the hemp flower be 100% natural.

3rd party lab-tested: CBD live resin should be lab-tested to ascertain that it is pure and high quality.

How to Ingest CBD Live Resin

There are different ways of consuming CBD live resin, and most people seem to favor the inhalation methods, and yes, live resin is ideal for consumption in social settings.

Dabbing: this is a popular way of enjoying CBD resin. All you need is a dab rig, a nail, a dabber, and the resin. A dab rig is a type of water pipe, the nail is the surface that holds the concentrate, and the dabber is the tool for placing concentrates on the nail. Dabbing involves heating the nail, placing some resin on the nail, and then inhaling the cool smoke via the mouthpiece. Resins are far more potent than buds and deliver rapid and solid CBD effects.

Vaping: you can also vape your CBD resin. Vape devices are portable and typically have flavor enhancement. You can buy a cartridge pre-filled with CBD resin, put the heating system on, and inhale the CBD vapor. You may alternatively use a dab pen.

Nectar collector: this tool consists of a protruded tip that is heated, and then it’s used to touch the resin anchored on a silicone mat to send up CBD smoke. A nectar collector is a convenient method of consuming CBD in a group setting.

Spice up cannabis flower: whether you’re smoking marijuana or hemp bud, you can top it off with CBD resin, to greatly enhance the potency of your joint or cigarette.

How to Store CBD Live Resin

You need to store your CBD live resin appropriately, or else you risk lowering its quality. But the good thing is that the principles of storing resin are quite simple.

  • Store your resin in a dark area to avoid degradation of terpenes from the light
  • Store your resin in a cool area, preferably a refrigerator, to keep the resin from disintegrating
  • Store your resin in a dry area to preserve its consistency and potency

The best containers for storing CBD live resin are typically made of either glass or silicone.

Is CBD Live Resin a Popular CBD Product?

Invented in 2013 by William “Kind Bill” Fenger and Jason “Giddy Up” Emo, live resin is a bit complex to produce, and many CBD consumers are not familiar with it.

The CBD market is diverse, and new products keep coming up, and live resin is fairly pristine. Its effects may not be particularly greater than regular wax or shatter, but its flavor is on another level.

With its high CBD concentration, distinct flavor, and aroma, CBD live resin particularly suits people that ingest high CBD dosages.

CBD live resin may become a trending product in near future.