What You Need to Know Before Giving Your Pets CBD

The love shown by our pets is unconditional. And the best way of appreciating our pets is by providing them with good health and maintenance.

One of the ways of improving pet health is by administering CBD products. CBD is a versatile cannabis compound that pets love taking.

Whether it’s a tincture, a treat, or a topical, administering CBD to your pets regularly is a proven way of making your pet more comfortable and energetic.

If you’re looking to give CBD to your pets, there are various things that you need to be aware of, especially, how to buy quality CBD oil and administer the proper dosage.

Common Pet CBD Products and Ingestion Methods

Pet CBD products are diverse. You can always select what to give your pet depending on your goals and also budget. The following are some of the common pet CBD products:

Tinctures: they can be raw, spiced up, or made specifically for aiding anxiety, mobility, and digestion.

Soft chews: they are a perfect choice for disguising CBD and other essential vitamins.

Treats: both cats and dogs love ingesting sweet bites, and CBD-infused treats are best doled out to reward good behavior.

Topicals: CBD topicals are excellent for managing skin issues.

The following are some of the common ways of administering CBD to pets:

  • Applying it straight up to your dog’s mouth
  • Applying it to your dog’s skin and paws
  • Mixing CBD with food and treats
  • Using a pet CBD spray

What Do Veterinarians Think About Giving Pets CBD?

Although CBD is scientifically proven to have several health benefits for your pet, this compound is not approved to be sold as a medicine.

And so, the general attitude of the veterinarian community toward pet CBD is generally, skeptical, given that CBD is not legal for treating health issues.

But that said, many veterinarian officers have first-hand experience of the potential of CBD oil in improving pet health, and they are vocal about administering CBD oil to your pets.

And so, if you want guidance from a veterinary specialist on administering CBD, you may have to scout for the veterinaries that are already familiar with CBD.

Ways that CBD Oil Promotes Pet’s Health

The following are some of the ways that regular CBD oil administration improves pet health:

Eliminating anxiety: if your furry friend responds excessively over light incidents, they probably have anxiety. You may administer CBD oil to calm them down.

Separation anxiety: healthy dogs understand that you have a life outside the home, and they needn’t cause problems when you leave. CBD oil is critical in managing separation anxiety.

Managing seizures: seizures are a common health issue in pets, but constant CBD administration helps with managing the seizures.

Managing pain: your furry friends can experience pain from injuries or illnesses. Pain makes pets utterly uncomfortable. But you can manage pain with constant CBD oil administration.

What’s the Proper CBD Dosage for Pets?

To achieve the best effects, you need to give your pets an appropriate dose of CBD oil. But there’s a bit of confusion as to what is the appropriate dose.

Both cats and dogs should be typically started with 1-2 mg for every 10 pounds. Starting with low dosages ensures that your pet adjusts to CBD before settling on the perfect dosage.

The speed of CBD effects is controlled by different factors like the potency and form of the product. Tinctures make for faster effects than bites because there are fewer substances to be metabolized.

Will CBD Get My Pets High?

Some pet owners are hesitant to administer CBD oil to their pets for fear that their pets would get out of hand.

CBD may belong to the cannabis family, but it doesn’t have an abundance of the psychoactive compound, THC, which would cause your pet to experience a euphoric high.

And so, administering CBD products to your pets is safe. But then you need to buy quality pet CBD products that don’t have excessive THC content.

Factors to Consider When Buying Pet CBD Products

There are different factors that you need to consider when buying CBD products for your pets:

  • The product should have a certificate of analysis to ensure that it is of the greatest quality
  • The CBD product should be based on broad-spectrum CBD oil.
  • The product should be 100% organic.
  • It should be manufactured in a GMP-certified facility
  • The CBD product should have an outstanding flavor

Is It Okay to Administer CBD to My Pets Every Day?

CBD oil, even in excessive dosage, doesn’t have any particularly negative effect. And so, you may give your pets CBD oil daily without any worries.

But then you have to make it fun. For instance, instead of using raw pet CBD tinctures that will have your dog pointing their mouth away in disgust, you may administer infused soft chews, or mix CBD oil with their food.

But always ensure that you stay within the recommended dosage.

Should I Administer CBD to My Pets Even If they are Healthy?

The difference between medicine and CBD is that medicine is only given to manage a health problem but CBD can be given even when a pet is in perfect health.

CBD preserves good health and shields the pet against attacks. It interacts with the cannabinoid receptors to promote homeostasis.

Constant CBD use ensures that various parts like joints and the skin are always in perfect condition.