What You Need to Know About Rolling Papers

Every cannabis user needs quality rolling paper to enjoy their marijuana buds, but in both material and design, rolling papers are versatile.

Modern rolling papers were invented in Spain when their king demanded a perfect accessory for smoking tobacco.

But it was Christopher Columbus who brought rolling papers to America, and the Americans took to them like duck to water.

They are typically made of different materials like hemp, rice, and wood pulp, and they also come in varying sizes.

The material, design, and size of rolling papers are important factors as to how your joint burns. Make sure to get everything right.

Ensure that Your Joint is Perfectly Rolled

Let’s give you quick tips on making a solid joint:

  • Choose the right material. Papers made of rice or wheat usually burn very well; they burn slowly and evenly, without distorting the aroma and flavor of marijuana.
  • Create the filter tip. This piece is implanted toward the end of the joint. It averts clogging, holds the buds together, improves smoke flow, and shields your lips from getting burned. You may improvise a filter tip with a strip of a business card.
  • Make a freestyle roll. To roll the perfect joint, you must not overload the paper, and ensure the buds are evenly distributed, letting the joint assume a perfect cylindrical shape.

Types of Rolling Papers

The following are some of the ubiquitous rolling papers:

  • They typically measure 36 by 69mm, and there are 50 of them in a pack. Most people find these papers ideal for smoking cannabis.
  • They carry two times the capacity of singles. They are not very popular because handling one can be a bit problematic.
  • 1 ¼s. They are about as long as regular cigarettes, and smokers love them because of the cone shape they produce.
  • 1 ½s. They are of the same length as the above, but they are slightly wider. This bigger room means more marijuana and is perfect for both solo smoking and even sharing with homies.
  • King size and king slims. Measuring 53 by 109mm, they are particularly long, they may have a slim design, and they produce fantastically shaped joints.
  • Foot-longs. I haven’t seen anyone use them where I live, but I’m aware they exist. These papers are one foot long.

What is RAW Rolling Papers?

These rolling papers are made from hemp and are considered vegan-approved. They are not only quality rolling papers but also help with environmental preservation.

Whether you be a novice or veteran cannabis consumer, you can never go wrong with raw rolling papers. They are available in slightly varying forms; unbleached, natural, and fully organic.

They were introduced by the American, Josh Kesselman, and can be purchased from head shops or via the internet.

These rolling papers are pre-cut, so, you don’t have much work to do in the way of bringing them to the size you need them to be.

And since they are organic, the cannabis flavor is richer. They seem to have a great future.

What to Do If You Run Out of Rolling Papers

I mean, shit happens, and you’re not going to always have some rolling paper. Most people seem to substitute with newspaper, but considering the level of the chemicals present, that’s not healthy.

These are some of the ways you may smoke your flower if you don’t have any rolling papers:

  • Apple pipe
  • Gravity bong pipe
  • Water pipe
  • Empty a cigarette
  • Soda can

I would argue that the best option would be emptying a cigarette. I mean, cigarette paper is made with high-quality standards.

Just toss out the dried tobacco leaves and replace them with your marijuana flower and smoke your worries away!