What is Vaping CBD?

One of the common marketing gimmicks for pushing vaping products is to say that vaping makes people look cool. Well, vaping is cool, especially if you’re ingesting some good old cannabidiol.

The vape pen is modeled after a cigarette, but it has a battery, an atomizer, and e-juice, and it can either be reusable or disposable. Reusable vape pens are more economical because you only have to buy new e-juice.

Since CBD became legal to extract and sell, more people have discovered its benefits, and some people are even turning away from conventional medicine in favor of CBD.

There are several ways of ingesting CBD, and people gravitate to the methods that suit their tastes. For instance, a stay-at-home mom struggling with anxiety might opt for CBD-infused gummies, whereas a machinist may only take CBD drops.

Now, with the creation of CBD vape pens, people have another method of ingesting CBD. Vape pens are portable, easy to use, and they make for one of the highest CBD bioavailability rates.

CBD E-liquid

For some strange reason, people seem to think that you have to put isolate or full-spectrum CBD oil in the vape tank; which is not the case.

If you attempted vaping CBD oil in its rawest form, the result would be underwhelming, and you’d likely ruin your vaporizer and lose your CBD oil.

You have to use a fluid created for only that purpose; CBD e-liquid. Various companies manufacture their e-juices and there’s a big market to choose from.

Benefits of Vaping CBD

As earlier pointed out, there are several ways of ingesting CBD, and each of these methods has its pros and cons. There’s a world of benefits to CBD vaping.

1. Vapin Has a High Bioavailability Rate

The bioavailability rate of a substance is the amount that enters the bloodstream after ingestion. Now, different CBD products make for different bioavailability rates.

For instance, if you chew a few CBD-infused gummies, it may take anywhere from thirty minutes to six hours for CBD to enter your bloodstream and get carried to your brain.

Contrast that with sublingually-ingested CBD tinctures that take only a few minutes to reach your brain and trigger positive effects.

Ingesting CBD by using a vape pen has been shown to make a high bioavailability rate too. In other words, it makes the effects come faster, and stronger.

2. Vaping is a Convenient Method of Ingesting CBD

People that take CBD tinctures by placing a few drops under the tongue have to get accustomed to attracting attention to themselves. I mean, when you spread your mouth open and use a dropper or oral syringe, anyone about you will stare.

But then you mustn’t fear because CBD is already a legal substance. But what if you like being lowkey with your CBD ingestion?

Vaping is a convenient way of ingesting CBD. You only have to heat the oil and put the pen close enough, so that you may inhale the vaporized CBD oil.

Of course, if you are cocky, you will put the pen in your mouth, and to the untrained eye, it will seem like you are dragging a cigarette.

3. Vaping is Enjoyable

Vaping has always been looked at as something cool. When you throw in CBD, you still have the coolness factor, but you don’t ingest any harmful substance.

You can get together with your friends, and make sure to have enough CBD e-juice, turn on the vape pen so that each one of you breathes in the vaporized CBD.

Vaping CBD oil with a group of friends is incredibly fun.

Common Mistakes People Do While Vaping Cannabidiol

Is There Any Danger Associated with CBD Vaping?

Some people wonder whether CBD vapes set in motion any short-term or long-term negative effects. Considering the misinformation surrounding CBD vapes, their worry is legitimate.

There’s one major risk: buying vape e-juice that contains poisonous, mostly unnatural ingredients, which would make you vulnerable in several ways.

Watch Out for Unnatural Ingredients

Stay away from vape e-juices that use unnatural ingredients, particularly thinning agents. The presence of thinning agents is an indication of using shortcuts to attain the desired consistency of e-juice.

Ensure that you only buy e-juices from reputable vape companies. They are capable of producing topnotch e-juice that contains zero harmful ingredients.

If you want an e-juice with a particular flavor, ensure that you buy an e-juice whose flavor is gotten from organically-grown ingredients.

The Vape Industry Is Unregulated

We cannot emphasize enough the need to do your homework before you purchase vape kits. Just google the company and see what people are saying.

The vape industry is vastly unregulated, and black-hat merchants can easily exploit this loop, causing a disaster. Always do your research.


If you are into CBD and are looking for an enjoyable, stress-free way of ingesting, ensure that you get you a CBD vape kit.