What is the Legal Status of Marijuana in Each US State (2020)?


Medical Use



 AlaskaLegalLegalLegal if You Have a License
 ArizonaLegalIllegalLegal for Marijuana Patients
 ArkansasLegalLegalLegal for Marijuana Patients
 CaliforniaLegalLegalLegal if You Have a License
 ColoradoLegalLegalLegal if You Have a License
 DelawareLegalLegalLegal for Marijuana Patients
 FloridaLegalIllegalLegal for Marijuana Patients
 GeorgiaLegalIllegalLegal for Marijuana Patients
 HawaiiLegalLegalLegal for Marijuana Patients
 IllinoisLegalLegalLegal if You Have a License
 MaineLegalLegalLegal if You are Licensed
 MarylandLegalLegal (up to 10 grams)Illegal
 MassachusettsLegalLegalLegal if You’re Licensed
 MichiganLegalLegalLegal if You’re Licensed
 MinnesotaLegalLegalLegal for Marijuana Patients
 MissouriLegalLegalLegal for Marijuana Patients
 MontanaLegalIllegalLegal for Marijuana Patients
 NevadaLegalLegalLegal if You’re Licensed
 New HampshireLegalLegalLegal for Marijuana Patients
 New JerseyLegalIllegalLegal for Marijuana Patients
 New MexicoLegalLegalLegal for Marijuana Patients
 New YorkLegalIllegalIllegal
 North CarolinaIllegalIllegalIllegal
 North DakotaLegalLegal (up to 14 grams)Legal for Marijuana Patients
 OhioLegalIllegalLegal for Marijuana Patients
 OklahomaLegalIllegalLegal for Marijuana Patients
 OregonLegalLegalLegal if You’re Licensed
 PennsylvaniaLegalIllegalLegal for Marijuana Patients
 Rhode IslandLegalIllegalLegal for Marijuana Patients
 South CarolinaLegalIllegalIllegal
 South DakotaIllegalIllegalIllegal
 VermontLegalLegalLegal if Licensed
 WashingtonLegalLegalLegal if Licensed
 West VirginiaLegalIllegalIllegal

State Law or Federal Law?

Americans are easily in the top-five in per capita marijuana use, but if you are looking to buy pot, you gotta first know whether it’s allowed in your state.

The state laws and federal laws are not in agreement; for marijuana is criminalized in the federal law, but different states allow both medical and recreational marijuana use.

When it comes to marijuana issues, it’s the state laws that take center stage, largely because there aren’t adequate agents and goodwill to enforce federal law.

As a marijuana user in America, you should only be concerned with state laws, because some charges can have you sitting in jail for months, sometimes years.

Why is Marijuana Still Banned in Some States?

According to the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, marijuana is considered a Schedule 1 substance, alongside heroin, ecstasy, and LSD.

This legislation disregarded the proven health benefits of marijuana, and inaccurately labeled marijuana as having great potential for abuse.

In a country where alcohol, cigarettes, and tobacco are allowed, and all of which are significantly worse substances than marijuana ever could be, it makes you wonder why the government is hostile to cannabis.

Depending on whom you talk to, you will hear different stories about what led to the banning of marijuana in America.

But it all whittles down to money and dirty politics, and more to the point; abuse of power.

Lawmakers Awakening

With the evolution of people occupying seats of power, thankfully it has begun what will be a new era in cannabis laws.

For instance, the FDA approved Epidiolex, a canna product that works extremely well in eliminating seizures.

Countless scientific reports have indicated the health benefits of marijuana, but it’s up to the government to create an enabling environment.

In 2018, the US Congress passed a bill to legalize the extraction and sale of hemp-derived CBD, thus creating a multibillion-dollar juggernaut that is growing at mind-bending speed.

Marijuana is a Human Thing

In every country you visit, whether it be a rich and successful country or an underdeveloped one, you will find that the people are interested in marijuana.

Some of the countries with a high population of cannabis users include Nigeria, the US, Canada, Brazil, Uruguay, England, and Australia.

There’s no bigger injustice than putting someone in jail just because they were found smoking or selling marijuana.

Thankfully, lawmakers are catching up with the times, US lawmakers at least, and it’s a matter of time before cannabis products and accessories are fully legalized.

Can Marijuana Make Me Unable to Function in Society?

Oh, if someone lacked the resources and the leadership necessary to raise stable kids, and their kids ended up becoming the dregs of society, you might hear that person unfairly blaming marijuana.

Granted, you have to use marijuana responsibly, because any addiction whatsoever, even something as safe as drinking water, can turn disastrous when taken to the extreme.

But no, marijuana doesn’t drive people into gangs or make them intellectual cripples. Numerous marijuana strains enhance creativity and brainpower.

Where Should I Buy Marijuana

America is one of the places with fantastic infrastructure for cannabis, both physically and virtually, and this promotes the cannabis culture.

In states where marijuana is legal, you’ll find dispensaries, and this is the best place to get your supply.

Talking to a budtender enables you to understand the marijuana strains, and to achieve precisely the results you want.

If you have no access to a dispensary, you can always go online to look for reputable businesses that serve people in your area.

The marijuana business is booming, and there is a ton of sellers already, but always look at their customer reviews to be sure that they have good shit.

Be Creative with Marijuana

I find that most people are very unimaginative when it comes to consuming cannabis. I mean, the conditions will not always be appropriate for lighting a blunt.

There are several other methods of ingesting marijuana, including infused edibles, suppositories, transdermal patches, and tongue strips.

Always ensure that you have the right mind-set. You know, marijuana shouldn’t be used as an escape from reality, for then you’d elevate it into a bad habit.

Marijuana is undoubtedly one of the most pleasurable things in life, and there’s nothing as soul-satisfying as that first hit of a fat joint.