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What is Slowing Down Cannabis Legalization?

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Despite numerous scientific reports that show the health benefits of cannabis, sadly you can get in legal trouble for using it.

One thing is as sure as the rising of the sun; shortly, both hemp and marijuana will be legal across the world.

As cannabis organizations lobby governments to decriminalize cannabis, the opposing factions are making it somewhat hard.

But with time, there’ll be enough powerful allies backing cannabis, and the opposition will be rendered powerless.

The biggest argument against marijuana legalization is that it is a gateway drug; somehow using marijuana causes you to step up to harder drugs like coke.

But many scientific reports show that marijuana use isn’t some sort of a catalyst in the use of hard drugs.

Should Cannabis be Made Legal?

The legalization of medical marijuana, and later, hemp-derived CBD, set up the stage for legalizing the whole range of cannabis.

I mean cannabis products are proving to be just as effective, if not more effective, than conventional medicine at treating many health problems.

The lack of goodwill in legalizing cannabis stems from the disinformation and propaganda done by the state machinery.

The narrative is the same in both developed and 3rd world countries; big daddy (government) says that cannabis is bad, and the people swallow hook, line, and sinker.

Thankfully, we live in the information age, and most people are waking up to the fact that cannabis is a good thing, not a bad thing, for their health.

Does Cannabis Make People Lazy?

One of the dumbest theories I ever heard was that smoking marijuana somehow made you lazy, and so if you wanted to be a responsible person you had better not smoke it.

If that were true, then the USA, one of the cannabis havens, would be a poor nation; I mean, millions of Americans use cannabis daily, but on the other hand, we have near-fascistic governments that shun cannabis, especially in the Middle East and Africa, but the people are piss poor, and yes, epically lazy.

It’s one of the talking points of anti-cannabis crusaders, and it’s ironic because some strains of cannabis are proven to increase productivity.

That’s right, if you have a ton of untouched assignments, you may want to light up a joint before you begin work, and watch yourself transform into a workhorse, thanks to cannabis increasing your mental energy and focus by ten times.

Can Cannabis Turn my Child into a Dangerous Criminal?

Another misleading argument made by anti-cannabis boards is that cannabis use, especially among impressionable teenagers and young adults, leads to criminal activity.

Nope, cannabis won’t make your child a gangster, but I’ll tell you what will make them a gangster; poor parenting skills.

If a kid wasn’t exposed to some type of authority growing up, they are likely to think themselves a small god, but they step out thinking they are above everybody else, and when they are done fucking up they get handled by the original gangsters (read police).

Is there a Conspiracy of Dumbing down People?

Is Big Pharma Threatened By Cannabis Legalization?

Big pharma is one of the major forces of capitalism. Seriously, their main goal is to make money, but they only make money when someone is using their drugs.

And so when it was discovered that cannabis products do a better job of treating certain conditions than drugs ever could, Big Pharma perceived it as competition.

We are not saying that cannabis is the best treatment for any illness imaginable, but it helps manage conditions like pain, anxiety, and inflammation.

The obvious truth is that, as more people discover the health benefits of cannabis, they are going to turn away from prescription and OTC drugs.

But ultimately, the cannabis movement isn’t about starting supremacy wars, but providing a stable and proven path to holistic health, and both cannabis and pharmaceutical products can coexist.

What’s the War on Drugs?

Started by Richard Nixon in 1971, the War on Drugs came from a good place, but we cannot discount the fact that the results were ugly.

I mean, in the 80s and 90s, this campaign disproportionately targeted black males, and there are many of them sitting out their lives in jail for cannabis possession!

I mean, it’s unfair to lump together cannabis with other class-A drugs, and with the three-strike rule, selling kush could have you doing life.

The vicious and unapologetic dude who robbed the freedom of cannabis sellers (mostly unemployed black men) wants to rule the world in 2020.

I hope the gods who gave us cannabis won’t allow him to get to power!

The House of Congress

Thankfully, there are many forward-thinking American citizens, especially young people, and some of them will find their way into congress.

The cannabis movement banks on these kinds of people. I mean, when they set foot in Congress, they should (and they will) table bills to legalize cannabis.

Once the US leads in decriminalizing cannabis, other countries will follow its lead, partly because they are weak and pathetic.

So, cannabis has been proven many times over to have numerous health benefits and so there’s no point in outlawing it.

If cigarettes and spirits are legal, products with a danger disclaimer, why wouldn’t cannabis be legalized, given that it contains only naturally-occurring compounds?

Could it be that big brother knows that cannabis is good but still suppresses it because he wants to sadistically keep us dumbed down and unhealthy? Not a farfetched thought given that many top-ranking government officers are ruthless capitalist ministers.

Who are the Enemies of Cannabis Legalization?

There are influential people and there are organizations passionately resisting cannabis legalization, but we consider them our enemies.

They include DEA administrator Michele Leonhart, California Attorneys Andre Birotte and Benjamin Wagner, California Narcotic Officers Association, politician Jeff Session, Abott Laboratories, American Anti-Drug Council, Blue Lives Matter, Narconon, and Purdue Pharma.

Do these quasi-woke, anti-cannabis entities have good intentions? By no means! I strongly suspect that they are frauds; they are at it to raise money and stuff it in their bellies.