If you are like a lot of people, you want to see quick results. One moment you deposit a few drops of CBD oil in your mouth, and the next moment you start wondering what’s taking so long for your anxiety to subside.

But then there are various factors that influence the speed of acting of CBD. If you want quick results, here are some of the things you should keep in mind when buying CBD products.

1. Dosage

The amount of CBD that you ingest, and the frequency with which you consume it, has a major say in how fast CBD acts. If you take minuscule amounts of CBD in an infrequent manner, it takes significantly longer to see results.

It’s not uncommon for some people to take CBD and grow impatient about the results, subsequently taking a bigger dose. Well, this is discouraged.

Ensure that you stick to the recommended dose because it will give you time to measure how your body reacts, and help you decide whether you need to make any adjustments.

Unlike medicine, taking more CBD than what’s recommended doesn’t seem to have grave implications. If you take CBD and feel that the results aren’t coming as quick as you want, resist the temptation of overdosing.

2. Concentration

Depending on the CBD product that you purchase, you are going to experience different results. Thus, always research the potency before you buy it.

For instance, CBD-infused gummies tend to have a low concentration of CBD, and the fact that they contain other ingredients like sugar and gelatin waters it even further down.

On the other hand, CBD tinctures, CBD drops, and CBD vapes, have significantly higher CBD concentrations. This is why they deliver significantly fast results.

Also, ensure that you buy CBD products from reputable companies. The CBD industry is not regulated as strictly as it should, and there are bad-players selling supposed CBD products that actually don’t fit the bill.

3. Genetics

Some people just don’t have the body for it. Whether it be down to their genetics, weight, gender, or metabolism, they hardly respond to CBD.

If you are genetically-wired to not respond to CBD, that’s kind of a hard place to be, but there are several remedies that can be sought.

One, you can seek treatment to alter the chemical composition of various organs, the idea being to manipulate your internal environment and make your body more responsive to CBD.

4. Method of Consumption

The result of consuming CBD sublingually is far different than swallowing CBD capsules or chewing CBD-infused gummies. It matters how you consume CBD.

If you want quick and powerful effects, the best way to consume CBD is by placing a few drops of CBD oil in your tongue and resist the temptation to swallow.

The CBD oil will get absorbed straight into the blood vessels in your tongue. And the CBD oil will shortly be en route to your brain, thus triggering a powerful effect pretty soon.

5. Extraction Methods

There are various ways that manufacturers extract CBD oil. Each of these ways has its pros and cons. The information may not always be available, but go for CBD companies that are open about their extraction method.

The Rick Simpson Method: this extraction method was named after the man who first used it. It appeals to those who have zero capital, but the results are significantly worse. It involves submerging industrial hemp into solvents like butane, pentane, propane, or hexane, and the CBD oil and terpenes and essential oils are stripped from the industrial hemp. Finally, the solvent is heated away, and the CBD oil is left behind.

Carrier Oil System: first off, the industrial hemp is subjected to immense heat, activating its chemical compounds, then the carrier oil is added and the heating continues. Some common carrier oils include olive and coconut oil. The CBD oil and terpenes are absorbed into the carrier oil, from which they are later stripped. This method results in significantly lower CBD yields.

Alcohol Extraction: ethanol is approved by the FDA for manufacturing edibles. The industrial is crowded into a container, and then ethanol is passed over the industrial hemp, dissolving the CBD and terpenes, and then ethanol is heated away and CBD oil is left behind.

Carbon dioxide Extraction: it might be the most expensive extraction method, but no other method is as effective, and most reputable CBD companies use it. The industrial hemp is crammed into a vessel, and at high pressure and high temperature, carbon dioxide is blown into the vessel, stripping the cannabinoids. Carbon dioxide flows back into the tank to be used again.

Some extraction methods help yield quality CBD oil. Thus, if you buy CBD products that utilize poorly-extracted CBD oil, the concentration, and by extension, the quality, is going to be inferior.

Different factors will affect how fast CBD acts. But always start with small doses, and make adjustments when you see how your body reacts.