Hemp-extracted CBD may have numerous health benefits, but still, some people will not “mess with it” as they complain that the taste is bad. Is their complaint legit?


Well, pure CBD oil might not delight the tastebuds as well as vanilla does. Its taste would be along the lines of earthy, grassy, nutty. But manufacturers have gotten around this by infusing flavors.

If you once tried CBD oil and was displeased by the raw taste, I challenge you to try the flavored kind. The selection is endless: mint, vanilla, berry, citrus, apple, etc.

Both the taste and smell of pure CBD oil come from the resident organic compounds in the hemp plant; cannabinoids, terpenes, and chlorophyll.

The taste of raw CBD tends to linger for a while longer in your mouth, and this is probably why some people would rather not take it. But let’s be frank; it’s a taste you can get used to.

Oh well, CBD oil will help mitigate a plethora of health problems. And sublingual CBD ingestion makes for the best results; CBD-infused edibles cannot compare.

But then, what if you are new to this? What if you just ordered a bottle of full-spectrum CBD oil, curious about the effects, and then you found out that you didn’t like the taste? Do you throw away the bottle and bemoan your loss? Nope! Here’s what you do:

Put it in Your Food or Drink

Yep, once you have prepared a steaming bowl of cabbage or banana or pumpkin or whatever food your soul desires, squeeze some CBD into the food, and start chomping. On the one hand, this method accounts for low CBD bioavailability, but on the other hand, it makes it a lot easier to complete your dose. You may even carry your CBD oil to work and squeeze some drops into your avocado-smoothie during breaks.

Brush Your Teeth Afterward

By doing so you wash away the lingering aftertaste. Remember, sublingual ingestion is the best, and by brushing your teeth, you won’t have to withstand the “bad” taste for long. To make this effortless, make a habit of taking CBD right around your daily brushing time.

Buy Flavored CBD Oil

CBD manufacturers quickly found out that some customers were uncomfortable with raw CBD oil. And they had to find a way of making it sweet.

Depending on the manufacturer, some flavors might be artificial, and yet others are natural, and the natural flavors add to the product’s nutrient riches.

The flavors come in a wide range, and you’re practically spoilt for choice.

Put Some Honey Under Your Tongue

If you consider it burdensome to put raw CBD oil underneath your tongue, you may put some honey first, and then put some CBD.

The sugary taste of honey will drown out the “bad” taste of CBD oil, and if any taste lingers in your mouth, it’s the ambrosial taste of honey.

But don’t take more honey than you need to; after all, it contains sugar, and excessive sugar hardly promotes health.

Keep a Drink Nearby

I mean, it’s so simple; just put the CBD underneath your tongue, and then wash down the aftertaste by swigging at a cool drink.

Do I find CBD oil as bad-tasting? Certainly not! I take it raw, cold, and I savor the nutty aftertaste.


CBD has a unique taste and some people have no qualms about swallowing raw CBD oil. However, if you find the earthy/nutty taste displeasing, there are a number of remedies you can take.

As the CBD market grows, so does product diversification, and eventually, there’ll be numerous offerings that appeal to everyone’s taste.