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What Do I Need to Know Before I Start Using CBD Vape Pens?

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Vape pens are slowly becoming the in thing and here’s why; they enhance rapid effects onset, are highly portable, and emit a pleasant smell.

Whether you’re a new or experienced cannabis user and are thinking of starting to vape, this guide will show you everything that you need to be aware of.

Vape pens, otherwise known as vaporizers, hookah pens, and e-cigarettes, typically vaporize crystals so that the user inhales CBD directly into their lungs.

Unlike edibles, where CBD is metabolized and its potency watered down, vaping makes for high CBD bioavailability as it is shortly delivered in the lungs, and then the brain.

How it Works

Most vaping devices adhere to an analogous design and consist of similar parts, something that enables the average cannabis user to work with just about any vaping device.

The battery takes up most of the space in a vaping device as it contains the energy that converts CBD concentrates into vapor.

The heating chamber or the atomizer is the part that interacts with the crystals or wax to deliver heat energy and set off the transmutation.

Vaping delivers highly potent CBD into your system, and regardless of your style, you only have to put the mouthpiece on your lips and take a drag.

It being an electronic device, you’ll need to recharge it, and most vape pens feature a USB charger for sucking energy off of the power source.

Simply put, the atomizer discharges heat energy against the CBD concentrate, transmuting it into a vapor that you can inhale via the mouthpiece.

Vape Pen Accessories

The accessories that you require are dependent upon the type of vaping device that you have. The thing is most parts are fragile.

You need certain accessories to make the process easier. For instance, a dabber is essential for scooping up wax or crystal and placing it in the heating chamber.

Various components of vaping devices usually deteriorate after short use, and you need to replace them before they affect your vaping experience and potentially cause lung injuries.

Matching Cartridges with the Right Concentrates

Vape pens can consist of cartridges that are either disposable or reusable, but be certain to match your cartridge with the appropriate concentrate.

Disposable vape cartridges are already prefilled with e-juice and you only have to attach the cartridge to your device and go to town; when the e-juice is over, you dispose of the cartridge.

With reusable cartridges, you have to manually fill them with your preferred e-juice, and you may use the cartridges roughly five times before you get rid of them.

Ensure that you employ accessories to help you minimize spills or create a mess.

What’s the Proper Way of Storing My Vape Pen?

Properly storing your vape pen is critical, for it allows your device to have more mileage, and also prevents accidents. Poor handling of a vaping device increases its chance of exploding.

Always store it in an upright position, as it preserves the quality of both cartridge and concentrate, but careless placing would increase susceptibility to physical harm.

Ensure that your vaping device is not left sitting in the sun, or damp surfaces. Exposing your device to sun or water might set off a sequence of reactions and diminish its quality.

Avoid bringing your device into hot cars. I mean, high temperature is one of the factors that increase the odds of an explosion.

Just as extreme heat is bad for your device, so is extreme cold. You want to avoid placing your device on cold surfaces, for it diminishes the battery.

Also, keep the cartridge clean, especially the base of the battery. If there’s dirt trapped in the base of the battery, it can cause some parts of your device to die off much too soon.

Is It Okay to Modify My Vaping Device?

We appreciate that you are a smarty-pants and a fearless tinkerer, and oh yes, you once brought your uncle’s dead TV back to life, but for the love of all that’s good, don’t try to mess with your vaping device or use substances that weren’t intended by the manufacturer.

If you want to obtain a vaping device, you can talk to your parents and online friends about it, but don’t take their word as gospel truth. Ensure that you talk with an experienced person before you commit to vaping.

How Can I Avoid Vape Battery Explosions?

Nope, your device isn’t going to explode, provided that you use it as it was intended, and that you take good care of it.

But if you read about the vape pen that exploded in a teen’s mouth, I’m certain you would want to take all precautions to ensure you never experience that.

  • Use vape pens with inbuilt safety features like vent holes and overcharging detection.
  • Store loose batteries in a case, and avoid putting them in contact with metal objects like keys or coins.
  • Always use the charger that it came with, and if the need for replacement arises, look for the same charger, don’t be tempted to use your phone charger.
  • If the batteries get wet or damaged, replace them
  • Avoid charging the device overnight.
  • Ensure that you store the device properly.

Can I Vape in Every Country?

We are happy for you that you have the resources to travel away in different countries and have experiences that most people only dream of, but understand that vaping in certain countries like India, Thailand, and Singapore can have your ass locked up.

Always make the point of researching the country you are visiting to see whether they accept vaping, and more specifically, their legal stand on both THC and CBD.

As a traveler, disposable cartridges are more suitable than reusable vape pens, since they save you the hassle of recharging the device and maintenance.

Also, disposable cartridges offer most convenience because all the components are in top condition, unlike reusable cartridges where some parts might be halfway dead, and you wouldn’t notice until it’s obvious.

What are the Pros and Cons of CBD Vape Pens?

They are safeToo many choices can overwhelm
They have a pleasant smell (terpenes)Not enough sensitization around vaping
They cause high CBD bioavailabilityTreated like smoking
They are easy to use
They are accessible
They are affordable