CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of the numerous phytocannabinoids of cannabis. CBD is typically extracted from the hemp plant and may be consumed in different ways.

One of the distinct traits of CBD is that it’s non-psychoactive. In other words, CBD wouldn’t cause you to experience any psychotropic effects, unlike THC.

If you prefer to consume CBD by dabbing, you’ll require some CBD concentrate and some dabbing tools and supplies such as dab rig and dabber.

Dabbing may be a recent method of consuming cannabis concentrates, but it’s slowly gaining popularity thanks to its numerous benefits.

CBD dabs are highly concentrated, and so upon inhaling the CBD vapor, the effects of CBD typically kick in very fast. Dabbing allows you to enjoy CBD resources discreetly.

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What’s the Best Material for Dab Rigs?

When buying a dab rig, one of the factors that you must consider is the material that the dab rig is made of. Some of the common materials include silicone, acrylics, and glass.

Silicon is a somewhat durable material and is used in manufacturing quality dab rigs. However, on the downside, silicone dab rigs typically have limited styles and designs.

Acrylics may be indestructible, but still, they aren’t the best material for making dab rigs. Acrylics aren’t particularly heat resistant, and if poorly used, they can ruin the taste.

Glass – that’s where it’s at; glass is a classic material for making dab rigs. Glass dab rigs have several benefits and they allow you to enjoy clean tokes.

5 Advantages of Glass Dab Rigs

The following are some of the benefits of glass dab rigs:

1. Good Hygiene

Considering the build of a dab rig, it’s extremely important to keep it clean. Certain materials like glass are usually easier to clean and maintain. When you use a clean dab rig, the vapor flavor is never distorted, and this allows you to enjoy smooth and delicious rips. Depending on your dabbing frequency, you may maintain the hygiene of your dab rig with regular washing and rinsing. You may use soap or even an alcohol cleaning solution.

2. Great Aesthetics

The thing about dabbing accessories is that it’s not just about their functionality; it’s about their aesthetics too. Glass is one of the best materials for designing visually pleasant dabbing pieces. Glass is a robust material, and has that polished exterior, and manufacturers can prepare varying designs of dab rigs, thus enabling you to have the best experience.

3. Great Taste

See, whilst dabbing, there are various parts of the dabbing tool that come to contact with heat. If these parts are made of a material with poor heat resistance, the material typically gets burned and produces a wicked odor or taste that distorts the CBD vapor. However, glass dab rigs are unlikely to distort CBD flavor. Glass has a high heat-resistant quality, and thus it allows CBD to be inhaled in its pristine form and flavor.

4. Healthier Option

Some materials are unstable, and upon burning, they unlock harmful toxins. Some materials like acrylics can produce harmful toxins when subjected to heat. However, glass has a high melting point and is unlikely to release any harmful toxins. Thus, glass dab rigs have a positive influence on health.

5. Varied Designs

Glass is a popular material for making dab rigs. As a result, many dab rigs of different sizes and designs are usually made of glass. If your lifestyle is nomadic with a lot of traveling, or you like to bring your dab tools along, you may go for a small dab rig; but if you like to dab at home, or during social engagements, you may go for a large dab rig. Glass dab rigs come in a wide selection of designs and customizations.