What are the Disadvantages of Taking Marijuana Edibles?

Marijuana edibles are big right now and have been for a while. Next time your grandma is kneading some dough, sneak up on her and throw some cannabis flower.

One of the reasons why the medicinal value of cannabis has such great appeal is that it can be consumed in more than one way.

But the same cannot be said of pharmaceutical drugs, like ibuprofen, where you put the pill in the back of your mouth and take a swig of water to wash it down.

When it comes to marijuana, you are free to vape it, drink it, eat it, administer it sublingually, or transdermally.

In America alone, the marijuana edibles market is worth billions, and as more states legalize it, the numbers will only face up.

People prefer marijuana edibles over several other ingestion methods for several reasons:

  • Discrete handling
  • They have a pleasant taste
  • They are convenient
  • Ideal to non-smokers
  • Prolonged effects
  • No possibility of throat irritation

But if you are looking to consume marijuana edibles, it’s reasonable to consider the disadvantages as well.

Disadvantages of Taking Marijuana Edibles

The following are some of the drawbacks to ingesting marijuana edibles:

1. Unknown potency

We mustn’t surpass dosage limits when ingesting cannabis products, but it can be impossible to determine the potency of homemade edibles.

And so, we have a situation where you just hope that you don’t ingest more THC than you should.

Whether it’s your unhinged husband, or your slightly crazy uncle preparing the edibles, remind them to get the dosage right.

But if you are looking to ingest store-bought edibles, there should not be a problem.

2. Delayed effects onset and overdose risk

Unlike smoking, where the effects are quick in coming, with edibles it takes way longer for effects to set in since cannabis molecules have to first be metabolized.

Maybe you have an insane assignment waiting up and you want to put some THC in your head to increase focus and begin work.

So, you throw some cannabis flower in your breakfast cereals, and thirty minutes later, the effects haven’t kicked in yet.

Impatiently, you reach for a fresh round of infused edibles, then another, and another, wrongly thinking you have taken small doses hence why the effects haven’t set in yet.

Two hours pass and then boom! A piercing high envelops your body, so much so you sweat bullets, and develop a migraine, which are the consequences of overdosing THC!

More people are rushed to hospitals on overdose from edibles than from smoking.

Also, when you overdose, you are at risk of experiencing the following side effects:

  • Respiratory complications
  • Sleepiness
  • Confusion
  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety and panic attacks

3. Prolonged effects

I mean, there is no problem if this is what you was looking for, but novice users aren’t aware that they might be high for the better part of the day after taking an edible.

With smoking, the high is usually restricted to the brain, but edibles seem to buzz your entire body.

If you are looking to have a high that doesn’t last for so long, you may want to try other methods of administration.

4. Likelihood of causing self-harm

Consuming an excessive amount of edibles will predispose you to self-harm. Hell, you may even want to hurt the person next to you.

A high induced by edibles usually takes time to build up, but once it seizes you, it never lets up easily.

And so, you could be seated by yourself, smiling like a masturbating chimpanzee, and the next moment you could want to slice your wrists and bleed out.

Important things to Remember When Making Weed Edibles

Weed edibles are becoming super popular, and I assume you want to learn about both the negatives and positives.

As long as you stick to the limits as far as dosage, you will have no trouble with marijuana edibles.

But the following are some ground rules for preparing edibles:

  • Use quality ingredients
  • Know your strain
  • Perform decarboxylation
  • Use natural additives for aroma and flavor
  • Don’t overcook marijuana

Should I Take Weed Edibles?

By all means, yes! Edibles allow for discretion.

You see, with smoking, when you light a blunt, you draw everyone’s attention, but if it were edibles, you just take large bites of that shit and no one would guess you’re getting turnt up.

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