One of the reasons why CBD popularity has been rising too fast is that CBD is a versatile product; it can be consumed in many different ways.

One of these consumption methods is dabbing. This refers to vaporizing concentrated CBD forms, aka dabs, by using tools such as dab rigs and dab pens.

CBD dabs are usually packing high cannabidiol. And so, this ingestion method increases CBD molecules in the blood, thus speeding up CBD effects.

Dabbing is a relatively new method of ingesting cannabis forms, and in the last few years, its popularity has been growing sharply.

To have a great dabbing experience, you need certain tools and supplies like a dab rig, butane torch, banger nail, dab mat, etc.

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Dabbing Essentials

The following are some of the critical tools and accessories in dab kits:

1. Dab Rig

A dab rig is a type of water pipe, and it looks close to a bong, but it has a nail in the place of a bowl. Dab rigs come in different sizes and are made of different materials.

Some of these materials include glass, ceramic, and acrylics. Each of these materials has its pros and cons, but generally, glass dab rigs are the best.

Glass has a high melting point, and so, upon heating, it doesn’t negatively influence the flavor of CBD. Also, glass is pretty easy to keep clean.

If you’re into traveling with your dab rig, you probably need a mini dab rig, as it’s more portable; but if you’re into social dabbing or you like to take big rips, choose large dab rigs.

2. Nails

This is one of the most essential parts of the dab rig; this is what heats your CBD dabs. You want to make sure that the nail is the right size for the joint.

In addition, you want to make sure that the nail is made of robust material, as this guarantees that it can withstand high temperatures without ruining the experience.

Nails may be made of different materials including glass, ceramic, quartz, and titanium. Generally, titanium nails are the most ideal as they heat up fast and are durable.

3. Dabber

The dabber or the dabbing tool is the tool that enables you to scoop some of that CBD concentrate and apply it to the heated nail.

CBD dabs have a gluey texture to them. It’s wasteful to handle concentrates with naked hands; also, the nail is much too hot, and it’s not safe to bring your fingers near it.

Quality dabbers are typically longish and are made of robust material, as this allows you to apply with ease the CBD dabs to the heated nails.

4. Butane Torch

The nail needs to be heated with a blowtorch, and you have to learn the proper way of heating the nail so that you don’t hurt yourself.

Quality blowtorches are typically powered by butane, and you need to watch for when to stop heating the nail to avoid ruining the dabbing experience.

Also remember, the dabbing world is evolving much too fast on the tech side, and butane torches might soon be replaced by some digital heating mechanism.

5. Carb

The carb helps with regulating airflow into the nail, so you can manipulate the carb hole to enhance the aroma and taste of CBD vapor.

How to Dab

Some of the CBD products that are typically dabbed include wax and shatter. These are highly concentrated CBD forms mixed with terpenes and other compounds.

Quality concentrates are devoid of impurities and consist of plant compounds. CBD concentrates are extracted from the hemp plant, and unlike THC concentrates, they are lacking a strong scent and flavor.

CBD dabs may be consumed in different ways. But, the standard method of consuming CBD dabs involves a dab rig; the nail is heated with a butane torch, and then a small scoop of the concentrate is applied to the heated nail, causing the CBD vapor to arise.

Placing your lips to the mouthpiece of the water pipe, you pull on the CBD vapor, and the vapor travels along the tubes, hitting the water to become light and cool, thus allowing you to enjoy a smooth and delicious hit.

You can dab privately at your house or whilst engaging with people socially.

Pros of Dabbing

A good chunk of CBD enthusiasts enjoys dabbing CBD concentrates. The following are some of the benefits of dabbing CBD:

  1. CBD dabs are highly concentrated, and upon inhaling them, they produce potent and speedy effects.
  2. Full-spectrum CBD contains a range of plant compounds including terpenes, the aromatic molecules, which improve the taste.
  3. The vapor from CBD concentrates is light and smooth as compared to the smoke from the cannabis flower. And so, dabbing CBD is a healthier option for your throat tissues.
  4. Vapor from CBD dabs is not conspicuous, unlike smoke from the cannabis flower, and this allows you to enjoy dabbing discreetly.