What Are Some Of The Best Cannabis Gifts for Christmas?

If a family member or friend uses cannabis, you can surprise them this Christmas with a marijuana gift.

Gifts communicate your love and appreciation for someone, and the following items would make super-decent gifts to a cannabis user.

1. Customized marijuana e-lighter

A lighter is one of the essentials for smoking cannabis. Choose a design customized for easy retrieval. You may imprint their name or a fancy festive message on the e-lighter before sending it.

2. Stash container

If you want to show them that you care about keeping their cannabis bud fresh, send them a weed canister, so that it keeps their flower fresh for extended periods.

3. Cannabis cookbook

If they also have an interest in fancy recipes, you can get them a cookbook that shows how to prepare appetizing dishes using cannabis products.

4. Cannabis art

Yep, we have many artists who take inspiration in the cannabis culture. For instance, you can get them a drawing with a powerful message.

5. Weed grinder

Cannabis bud slaps when it’s finely ground. You can get them a high-quality grinder that splits flower into fine particles, thus enhancing the experience.

6. Cannabis rolling papers

Get them a pack of superior cigarette skins, so that they may enjoy rolling a joint. Superior cannabis rolling papers are made out of organic matter.

7. Cannabis edibles

Edibles promote discretion and their effects hang in for a little longer. A few packs of cannabis chocolates or gummies will do.

8. Cleaning supplies

Ya know dab rigs need to be kept clean. Cleaning supplies make it easy to open the bongs and scrub them clean, thus making the experience even better.

9. Apparel

Yep, if they have no problem with announcing their love for cannabis, you can get them some apparel, especially a tee, with a philosophical statement emblazoned in the back.

10. Marijuana candle

If you smoke skunk weed, the scent hangs heavy in the room. You can cancel out this issue by using marijuana candles that eat up the weed smell and promote freshness.

11. Cannabis lip balm

If your girlfriend is into weed, she would most definitely appreciate something like this. I mean, it’s just a lip balm, and she won’t draw second glances when she wears it in the bathroom.

12. Reusable vaporizer

Vaporizers are fairly recent, and not many people are familiar with them. A vaporizer heats cannabis flower at medium heat to produce vapor. It’s discrete and far more aromatic than weed.

13. Smoking case

Stuffing pre-rolled joints in the pocket ain’t cool. You could be clumsy and they would distort under the pressure. A smoking case ensures they are carried around safely.

14. Cannabis perfumes

Wearing a cannabis perfume is surreal. It can evoke a tropical, earthy, nutty, and fruity aroma, with that unmistakable spicy undertone.

15. Cannabis lotion

Using cannabis topically has many advantages. For one, it’s discreet, as in people will think “it’s just another lotion”! Cannabis lotions are excellent for pain management and also promote skin health.

16. Roach clips

Smoking roaches can be tricky especially if your hands are delicate, but a roach clip secures it firmly so that you drag on it without burning your fingers or lips.

17. Ziploc bags

If you don’t have an airtight container, Ziploc bags can be ideal for storage too, especially when traveling.  I mean, if you have marijuana in your car, the last thing you want is to be stopped by a nosy cop with a faint smell of weed in your car. Ziploc bags do a good job of arresting weed smell.

18. Incense

It’s essential for clearing weed smell. Burned incense fills out the room with a pleasant scent that cancels out the pungent aroma of weed and allows you to be discrete.

19. Bong

This is one of the most useful weed accessories. Any cannabis user would be so happy over this gift. A bong is a water pipe that makes smoking cannabis cool.

20. Video game

Yep, you can’t go wrong with a video game. Most cannabis users, men especially, like grabbing at their gaming consoles when they are high.

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