What are CBD Vending Machines?

As more people awaken to cannabis benefits, the demand for cannabis is going higher, and if you are a business owner you might want to automate sales.

And what better way to automate sales than using a vending machine? Customers would simply put a coin or token in the machine and it would dispense CBD products.

With automated vending, you can free up your time, and focus on ways to expand your cannabis empire.

If you’re thinking of starting a CBD vending machine business, this guide will familiarize you with all key aspects.

The CBD machines have begun to appear in most cities across the country. You can capitalize on the CBD boom to start a profitable business too.

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Why Should I Start a CBD Vending Machine Business?

Multiple revenue streams are essential in financial freedom, but there are many reasons why you should be planning to start a CBD vending machine business.

Increase your income streams: most people are salaried, which is a pretty risky thing because the company they work for can jettison them, leaving them penniless. Most people complain that starting a business is a challenge to them because they are short of both time and capital. But guess what, the vending machine business is pretty low-cost, and it won’t have you tied up for most of your day.

Earn passive income: most of us have to grind daily to earn bread, which is okay, but a vending machine doesn’t require human supervision, and as long as you have a quality CBD vending machine, you just sit back and earn while your machine works round the clock.

Appeal to non-tech-savvy customers: the CBD market is growing by leaps and bounds, but most of the vending take place via the internet, which shuts out a huge number of non-tech-savvy customers, or just customers who are opposed to buying edible things online.

What Kind of CBD Products Can I Sell With a Vending Machine?

There are different types of CBD products, and they vary in both price and size, which can be presumably challenging to sell using standard vending machines.

CBD vending machines feature multiple customizations that enable smooth selling no matter shape and size of CBD products. They have no limitations whatsoever and can dispense CBD products of any size, shape, and material.

And so, whether you intend to sell tinctures, bath bombs, gummies, sprays, drinks, or oils, the vending machine will serve your customers pretty well.

CBD vendor machines use late-model conveyor belts and elevator delivery systems to ensure smooth and easy transactions.

By the way, did you know that vending machines kill about two to three customers every year while they bang on the machine trying to get it to dispense a product? So, you need a machine that works smoothly.

The Essential Features of CBD Vending Machines

The most basic quality of a CBD vending machine is that it must execute smooth transactions and never delay dispensing the product, but what features in a CBD vending machine are considered essential?

Age and ID verification: this upgrade is critical if you sell marijuana products as well. It deters the misidentification of customers and promotes the responsible use of age-restricted products.

Vending management software: just because you are not physically selling the products doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay on top of things. This software ensures remote monitoring of sales and inventory and allows you to receive alerts.

Tech support: if the machine experiences technical problems, technicians are only a phone call away, and this ensures that customers enjoy smooth transactions round the clock.

Is a CBD Vending Machine Business Low-cost?

One of the pros of this business is the low start-up cost; you spend $150 to $400 to stand the machine and then buy inventory and that’s it.

The profit you get from a single machine might not be the biggest money you ever saw, but you can maximize profits by starting a franchise.

With a franchise, you get to buy goods in bulk, receive massive discounts, and enjoy impressive stock turnover.

Are there any Disadvantages to CBD Vending Machines Business?

Starting a business comes with pros and cons, but it’s important to start a business while being aware of the potential cons, as opposed to letting experience teach you. The following are some of the potential cons of the CBD vending machine business.

Tiresome initial operations: it’s all smooth and dandy when a customer puts a coin in the vending machine and the tincture pops up, but getting this machine to a location, and then stocking it, was never an easy process.

Initial low traffic and low profit: don’t expect to make massive profits in the first week of operation. People have to get used to you and develop trust before they start lining up for your products. The initial low margins can make you feel terrible.

Vandalism: it usually happens under the cover of darkness, and it’s worse during a night of protests. You can counter vandalism by installing smart security cameras, like Deep Sentinel, that sound an alarm over suspicious activity.

What are the Best Locations for CBD Vending Machines?

To find the best place for your business is half the battle, and get this; it’s all about location, location, location! So, these are some of the places with the best traffic for vending machines:

Apartment complexes: it’s people living in those tall buildings, and they need CBD. Just place the vending machines strategically so that they have easy access to CBD products. Ensure that you comply with any laws applicable to your business.

Hotels: these places have huge traffic, and you may want to partner with hotel owners so that your vending machines are installed in their premises.

Offices: you can make those suit-wearing, stern-faced humans your customers, by installing vending machines not far from their office complex. Studies show that up to 85% of employees hate their job. That’s stressful, but CBD water can help them get through the day.

Auto shops: just put the machine adjacent to the auto shop, so that the customer doesn’t have to step out of their car as they transact with the machine.

Retail stores: most people (read consumers) make incessant trips to retail stores. You might as well stand a CBD vending machine near the retail store to draw them to your business.