What are CBD Suppositories?

Suppositories make an interesting way of ingesting CBD. They are practical, potent, and discreet. CBD suppositories are mostly preferred by people with tight schedules.

CBD suppositories are pill-like substances that can be inserted in the vagina, urethra, or rectum to facilitate quick absorption of CBD.

You can buy suppositories online or from a physical store and they don’t require a prescription, but see a doctor if complications arise.

The use of suppositories is one of the recent trends in cannabis culture, and it is picking up speed because of the convenience it provides.

If you work in a fast-paced environment, you don’t have to be ducking to the washrooms now and again to put some CBD drops in your mouth; just insert the suppository where the sun don’t shine and you’re good to go!

Instances When You May Opt for CBD Suppositories

Most people use suppositories as a fallback plan, especially when they cannot ingest CBD via oral means.

Suppositories are tiny, dome-shaped, and they are coated with gelatin; and once they are placed inside the body, they release CBD.

Suppositories can have a localized benefit or can be transported to other parts of the body to promote holistic health.

The following are the common instances where people prefer CBD suppositories:

Difficulty in oral ingestion: sometimes you might be not ready or not willing to ingest CBD orally, mostly if you experience seizures, or are prone to nausea. In such a case, you can have the suppository inserted in your vagina or rectum for you to enjoy CBD.

Vomiting: have you seen those people who throw up in a second the moment they ingest anything remotely medicinal? This habit can exert a tremendous strain on your mental health. It can necessitate the use of suppositories.

Intestinal obstruction: if you have this condition, what you ingest might be blocked in the intestines, thus minimizing the effectiveness of CBD. You can step around this problem by using suppositories.

Types of Suppositories

Different suppositories are suited to different people and circumstances. The following are the three major suppositories:

Rectal: as the name implies, these suppositories are located in the rectum or anus, and CBD enters the blood vessels and spreads across the body. They are usually dome-shaped and about one inch long.

They have to be positioned well for maximum effectiveness. Some of the conditions that rectal suppositories are good at treating include constipation, fever, hemorrhoids, anxiety, nausea, and pain.

Vaginal: these suppositories have an oval shape and are inserted into the vagina using a special device. Vaginal suppositories are excellent for treating bacterial infections, fungal infections, and vaginal dryness. They are comfy and provide an uninhibited way of enjoying CBD.

Urethral: some men are averse to anything being put through their ass… if you don’t like anal suppositories… you may very well use urethral suppositories. They are tiny and are typically used to treat erection problems.

Inserting a Rectal Suppository

It’s necessary to insert a rectal suppository the proper way; else you minimize its power and effectiveness. The following procedure details how to use a rectal suppository:

Preparation: go take a dump to empty your bowels; anal suppositories work best when your rectum is empty.

Clean your hands with soap and warm water or use a sanitizer, and wipe your hands dry with a clean towel.

Be careful as you remove the suppository from its wrapper, and if you have to cut the wrapper open, then cut it lengthwise with a razor blade.

Hello, you’re about to touch your asshole, and unless you’re a dark angel from the pits of hell, your ass smells bad, so get your disposable gloves ready.

Brush the tip of the suppository against water, or apply some store-bought lubrication like K-Y jelly, to ensure that it slides past your asshole comfortably.

Get rid of your clothes and position yourself well by standing up and putting one of your legs on a chair or laying on your side and bending one of your knees toward your stomach.

Inserting the suppository: relax your ass and spread them cheeks a little, and then push the suppository into your anus.

After inserting the suppository, stay still for a moment, to ensure that the contents of the suppository start to get absorbed. Get rid of the materials and clean your hands.

Please resist any urge to shit that you might have so that CBD gets into your blood.

Inserting a Vaginal Suppository

Female sexual organs have an extensive blood network, and they respond extremely well to CBD suppositories. Inserting a suppository in your yoni is a simple exercise.

Preparation: your vagina is pretty sensitive, and so you have to clean your hands before you touch her.

Open the suppository and put it in the device that aids insertion; if you don’t have an applicator, you may use your bare hands.

You may lay on your back with your knees bending skyward, or you may assume a squatting position, with your legs drawn apart.

Inserting the suppository: put the device as far inside as your vagina allows, and be sure that you don’t experience any discomfort.

If you don’t have an applicator, you may use your hand to place the suppository inside your vagina, and push it far inside.

Withdraw the insertion tool and get rid of it. Wash your hands and dry them clean. Lay on your back or sit still as the CBD gets absorbed into your bloodstream.

Inserting Suppository in the Urethra

For men, your process is the easiest, and you can get it over with, in a couple of minutes. This is how you insert a suppository in your urethra:

Empty your bladder. Wash your hands. Open your urethra. Put the applicator against the tip of the urethra. Push the applicator button to push the suppository in your urethra. Massage your dick and get rid of the applicator.

Practical Tips for Using CBD Suppositories

If you decide to use CBD suppositories, these are some of the important things you need to keep in mind:

Avoid strenuous physical activity: ensure that you don’t engage in tough physical activity like exercising or labor right after using a CBD suppository.

Lubricants: only use a water-based lubricant like K-Y jelly, and steer clear of petroleum jelly products.

Follow storage directions: don’t be careless with storing your CBD suppositories because you might damage them.

Will I Experience Irritation?

CBD suppositories are made with material that doesn’t cause any problems to your insides, but some people complain of irritation. If you feel an irritation building up inside of you, don’t try to scratch it off, but go see a doc.

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