What are CBD Sublingual Strips?

If you spend most of your days holed up at the workplace, you are likely to grow stressed, but here’s a discreet way of insulating yourself from stress: sublingual CBD strips.

They are highly potent and discreet as they are consumed wholly with no part getting disposed of, and they are consumed on the go, thus convenient.

Sublingual strips are one of the latest trends in the CBD market and are worth every penny.

You don’t require the assistance of any equipment. You just place the CBD strip underneath your tongue and let it melt away in your system.

Unlike softgels and edibles, which have to pass through your guts before CBD interacts with cannabinoid receptors, the CBD in sublingual strips enters the bloodstream via the sublingual artery.

In a sense, consuming a CBD strip is much like getting a shot, except that there are no needles involved.

You just place the water-soluble, CBD-enriched paper in your tongue, and boom, everything dissolves in your mouth.

Other methods of ingesting CBD have some users complaining of stomach upset or drowsiness, but CBD sublingual strips appear to be without any side effects.

They are one of the newest means of ingesting CBD and are doing a good job of capturing the market.

Sublingual Absorption and Bioavailability Rate

Researchers agree that sublingual absorption is one of the most effective ways of ingesting medicinal substances.

CBD sublingual strips are designed to disintegrate rapidly once they are placed in the tongue, making the effects quick and powerful.

People who are averse to the taste of raw CBD oil, or the stains of bongs and e-cigarettes, or the slow effects of edibles, may want to try CBD strips.

When you ingest CBD sublingually, it covers just a short distance to reach your blood, which ensures that a high amount of CBD is absorbed in your bloodstream.

Unlike vapes that contain carcinogenic properties or edibles that take too long to activate, CBD strips cause rapid effects.

When Do People Prefer Using CBD Sublingual Strips?

As the CBD market expands, more products are coming out to address specific needs, creating market segments.

But it is also indisputable that most people are always going to favor traditional ways of ingesting CBD.

And when we talk of traditional CBD products, we talk of tinctures, oils, and topicals, but there are some instances where such people think of alternatives.

Discretion: think about what it would be like carrying your vaporizer to work, and letting your manager see you during lunch break dragging on it. If the manager is not familiar with CBD, it may put you in trouble, something you don’t want. But thank goodness you now have the option of sticking a water-soluble “paper” beneath your tongue and enjoying CBD benefits without anyone else guessing.

Heavy CBD user: maybe you are on heavy medication, and the side effects are rocking you back and forth too hard… you might need to ingest a significantly higher amount of CBD daily… But then vaping, or edibles, that’s not it. Just put CBD strips in yer tongue.

What If I Swallow the CBD Strip?

The CBD strip is meant for sublingual ingestion, meaning that it has to be put beneath your tongue for CBD to be absorbed via porous sublingual walls.

But if you swallowed it, the effectiveness would decrease by a vast degree, but not too low that it would be comparable to edibles… after all, the strip is water-soluble, and since your body is 60% water, there’d still be a great absorption rate even in your guts.

I know once you put something in your mouth, the instinct is to swallow it, but if it’s a CBD sublingual strip resist the urge to swallow. If you would like to prolong the effects, you may place the strip to the side of your cheek.

Also, before you consume a CBD strip, check to see the ingredients, because some ingredients can cause side effects.

Some of the common ingredients include starch, glycerine, natural terpenes, h20, natural colorants, and sunflower oil.

What the Experience of using a CBD Sublingual Strip is like?

If you are an avid user of CBD, you must know that it has numerous health benefits and that the experience is worth every penny you spent.

It induces relaxation, awakens some euphoric feelings, relieves worry and anxiety, and aids quality sleep.

One of the main categories of people that CBD appeals to is people with mental illness, and so, CBD strips will silence those dangerous voices in your head.

Whether it be anxiety, PTSD, or panic disorder that you are struggling with, the symptoms are kicked away within 15 – 20 minutes of ingestion.

How Do CBD Strips Compare Against Other Methods of Ingesting CBD?

They are far superior to other methods, but most of their utility is stacked on their rapidness in the onset of effects.

CBD sublingual strips stand regally because of the following reasons:

  • High bioavailability rate
  • High potency
  • Discretion

Since sublingual strips are a fairly recent product, we cannot stress enough the need to buy from a reputable company, and not just some fly-by-night, money-grabbing website.

Is Microencapsulation Safe?

Microencapsulation is a pretty common formula in the preparation of various drugs, and it involves putting a compound in a microcapsule.

It utilizes water-soluble material, which is why CBD strips can be absorbed via the sublingual walls into the bloodstream.

Microencapsulation increases product shelf life as it discourages spoilage, controls CBD release, and is versatile as far as ingestion methods.

The process causes no harm.

What are the Pros and Cons of CBD Sublingual Strips?



Causes a quick onset of CBD effectsNot suitable for long term use
High bioavailabilityCan intermittently get in the way of eating, talking or drinking
Easy sublingual administrationSmall dose

What’s the Appropriate Dose of CBD Sublingual Strips?

As long as you buy from a reputable seller, you will always get guidance about the dose, but for maximum effectiveness, place the strip beneath your tongue so that it adheres to your oral mucosa.

What are some of the Factors to Consider When Buying CBD Sublingual Strips?

  • What’s the flavor?
  • Is the THC content beneath 0.3%?
  • Are the colorants natural or artificial?
  • Is it prepared using organic hemp?
  • Is it prepared in a certified facility?
  • Is it 3rd party lab-tested?

CBD Strips Technology

Only reputable sellers have CBD strips that allow sublingual absorption; if you buy from a scamming vendor, the inferior product might not be absorbed differently than edibles.

Nano-emulsion technology is used to increase bioavailability and enhance CBD absorbency. Also, grade-1 foil technology increases shelf-life and convenience.

How Long Does a CBD Strip Last?

Various factors control how long the effects of CBD strips can last: product potency, fat content, and the profile of terpenes and cannabinoids, but that said; expect the effects of CBD sublingual strips to last between 2 and 6 hours.

How to Make CBD Sublingual Strips at Home

Step 1: mix pullulan, bean gum, aspartame and citric acid in a mason jar.

Step 2: blend the mixture as you slowly add water to form a gel.

Step 3: add emulsified oil, CBD extract, mix thoroughly, and store overnight.

Step 4: bake at 140 to 175 degrees.

Step 5: cut into small strips.