What are CBD Nasal Sprays?

CBD nasal sprays are becoming popular. Most people that use nasal sprays either have allergies or colds. Nasal sprays are excellent for localized delivery of medicine.

Do you have a sinus infection, and are looking to use CBD? Instead of swallowing CBD tinctures or vaping, I’d suggest that you use nasal sprays.

They enable the quick delivery of CBD via nostrils, and accelerate recovery from various health problems, and are also critical in avoiding side effects.

CBD nasal sprays contain highly concentrated cannabidiol and have a regal design and functionality.

In this post, we will touch on the important aspects of nasal sprays.

Are Nasal Sprays Convenient?

Nobody wants to spend their money on a product and not benefit, so, it’s within your right to question the utility of a CBD nasal spray.

Nasal administration of CBD is shown to cause high bioavailability. It is a much more convenient method of administration than e.g. edibles.

CBD nasal sprays are made with isolates, thus they contain no THC; it involves converting CBD isolate into water-soluble nanoparticles, and packaging as a potent nasal mist.

Delivered in the nostrils, CBD gets through the nasal walls, into the blood vessels, and is carried off to your brain.

In most methods of administration, the onset of effects is usually delayed, but nasal administration makes for one of the fastest methods of effects onset.

How Do I Use a CBD Nasal Spray?

If you have ever seen an old woman putting tobacco in her nose, I’m sure you remember how she sneezed as the tobacco tore its way to her brain.

The nasal cavity has a heavy network of blood vessels, which is why the effects of a substance are felt nearly instantly.

Nasal sprays are not ideal for everyone, but if you have a sinus infection, a runny nose, or congestion, they are certainly the best.

Depending on where you buy, you may or may not receive guidance as to how to use the nasal spray, but before we explain how the spray is used, keep these in mind:

  • Unblock your nostrils to ensure that CBD gets into your nasal passage to deliver that powerful punch.
  • Prime it every day before use; squirt it in the air a couple of times so that a fine mist pops up.
  • Store your nasal spray in the best condition; somewhere cool and without direct sunlight.
  • Avoid letting other people use your nasal spray; it can cause the spread of infection and other problems.

The mode of using a CBD nasal spray is influenced by product design, but the steps below are pretty standard.

Step 1: clean your nasal passage by blowing your nose gently.

Step 2: wash or sanitize your hands.

Step 3: shake the bottle gently and take off the cap.

Step 4: hold your head in a forward position and press on one side of your nose.

Step 5: place the mouthpiece of the spray in the gapped nostril and point to the back.

Step 6: as you gently breathe in, squeeze the bottle.

Step 7: withdraw the mouthpiece and breathe out via your mouth.

Step 8: if recommended, you may do the same with the other nostril.

Once you’re done administering CBD nasal spray, wipe the mouthpiece and put the cap back on, and also resist the urge to blow your nose or to sneeze immediately after.

Are CBD Nasal Sprays Safe?

The nose is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, and should it have a problem, it becomes obvious to everyone by typically swelling out or reddening.

Thankfully, CBD nasal sprays are prepared using FDA-approved ingredients and don’t cause any disorders of the nose.

CBD isolate is preferred because it has no THC; Saline is critical for eliminating mucus from sinus cavities, and hydrate nasal passages; fatty acids are essential for balancing hormone levels; emulsifiers promote water and oil emulsion, and organic terpenes enhance the aroma.

CBD nasal sprays don’t have negative health implications, thus allowing you to enjoy fast and powerful effects. Nasal sprays are up to 8 times faster than softgels. Thus, even a small dose can go a long way.

When is the Best Time to Use Nasal Sprays?

Well, it depends on a couple of factors like your age, occupation, and whether or not you have pre-existing nose problems.

If you’re a bank employee with busy daytime hours, you can be using nasal sprays before bed, so that you have a restful night.

On the other hand, if you stay up the night, whether it be doing legal or illegal activity, you may use a nasal spray in the morning before you hit the bed.

Sinusitis and CBD

If you have an inflamed nasal passage, you probably have sinusitis, a condition that affects nearly 30 million adults in America.

The common symptom of this condition is nasal congestion that typically exerts a strain on your breathing pattern, and other symptoms include pain, fatigue, and facial tenderness.

It has been found that CBD is effective at treating sinusitis. It achieves this by interacting with cannabinoid receptors and eliminating inflammation in the sinuses.

CBD levels up your body’s defense system, ensuring that your immune system goes toe to toe against any foreign substance that may cause sinusitis reoccurrence.

Can I Be Addicted to CBD Nasal Sprays?

If you thought addiction is the domain of marijuana and heroin, think again; it can very well be in the form of a bottle.

Surprisingly, some people develop an addiction to nasal sprays after getting used to the indescribable sweetness of shooting that mist up their nasal passages.

It’s important to stress that this addiction doesn’t stem from CBD, but rather, the administration method itself.

Thankfully, there are no harmful implications to this sort of addiction, because CBD has no psychoactive properties.

However, no addiction is ever good, and so, if you have recovered from sinusitis, and don’t need to use a nasal spray, you may fight the addiction by stopping cold turkey.

Things to Know Before You Buy a Nasal Spray:

  • Nasal sprays are effective at treating a wide range of conditions like allergies, migraine attacks, and osteoporosis.
  • Only buy from reputable companies and check to see that they are made using FDA-approved ingredients.
  • Nasal sprays make for fast and powerful effects; and so, if you are a beginner, start with small doses and work your way up.

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