Most CBD products contain different chemical compounds and phytochemicals, but CBD dabs are specially prepared CBD concentrates.

Dabbing CBD has become popular, and there are many types of CBD dabs, with their differences rooted in the heating and cooling.

CBD wax is one of the commonest dabs, and it is prepared via a sophisticated cooling process, causing it to have a distinct texture and appearance.

Different CBD dabs are useful for different purposes, granting CBD users the luxury of addressing their specific needs.

As noted above, CBD dabs are pure CBD concentrates, and they make for a powerful and fast effect. In this post, we’ll explain everything you need to know about CBD dabbing.

What is Dabbing?

When the extraction and sale of CBD became legal in America, for the longest time, we were stuck with CBD drops and hemp flower as the only product.

But product diversification wasn’t long in coming, and at present, there are a dozen ways of ingesting CBD… with dabbing being one of them… but what is dabbing?

It’s simply inhaling the vapor of a highly potent cannabis product, and so, CBD dabbing is merely the inhaling of vaporized CBD concentrates.

Unlike most other Cannabis products, where the CBD concentration is diluted by the phytochemicals and compounds, CBD concentrates have a sky-high CBD potency, since other compounds have been eliminated.

CBD concentrates have high potency, and they make for rapid effects, thus they have more utility than tinctures and softgels especially if you are a heavy CBD user.

Is Dabbing CBD a Superior Method of CBD Ingestion?

Some people developed a negative view of cannabis when they saw the resin and smoke during the consumption of marijuana.

But here’s the thing, CBD concentrates have no toxins, no chemicals, and no psychoactive substances that would get you high.

Dabbing enables most of the CBD to enter your bloodstream, and you experience the effects, far more strongly than any other method could achieve, pretty soon.

The CBD-rich vapor first flows to your heart, and then it is carried to your brain, where it starts interacting with your Endocannabinoid System.

Contrast that with ingesting CBD edibles, where the CBD endures the journey through your gut and several other corners of your body before it finally reaches your brain, with the initial concentration many notches down.

The idea that CBD dabs are superior to other methods of ingestion is drawn from their ability to produce strong effects within a short time.

On the flip side, CBD dabbing can pose a risk if the extraction is compromised. If you’re inexperienced, you can easily contaminate the concentrate, or even make an explosion.

When you decide to try CBD dabbing, take small amounts at first, and then adjust the amount depending on how your body reacts.

What are the Benefits of Dabbing CBD?

Inhaling the vapor of a CBD concentrate can lead to the following health benefits:

Brain health: CBD promotes brain health thanks to its anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, and antioxidant properties.

Gut health: are you the type of person that goes several days without pooping? Please don’t brag. That’s a problem. But dabs can restore gut health.

Bone health: dabbing CBD won’t exactly make you a man (or woman) of steel, but it will promote your bone health, stimulate bone growth, and fight off bone diseases.

Is It Okay to Dab CBD Oil?

I can almost picture you with a bottle of CBD oil on one hand, and a dab rig on the other hand, with a cunning expression on your eyes… PLEASE DON’T DO IT!

CBD oil is meant for oral ingestion, but when it comes to CBD dabbing, you have to have specially-made concentrates for that.

CBD oil cannot be dabbed because it usually contains ingredients that are not supposed to be heated.

These are the Necessary Tools for Dabbing

The main tools are wax vaporizers and dab rigs, but they have varying prices, functions, and features.

Wax vaporizers are also called wax pens, dab pens, and dab vapes, and they have a coil that is heated to vaporize the concentrate.

Wax vaporizers consist of a battery, a coil, a mouthpiece, and a dabber.


Just like wax vaporizers, dab rigs have different prices, functions, and features too. They consist of a water pipe, the nail; which is the ceramic that gets heated, a dome for trapping the vapor, a blow torch for heating the nail, and the dabber for holding the concentrate.

What’s the Best Method of Dabbing CBD?

Dabbing is an art; in the beginning, you fumble, but you become a pro as you get experienced.

The most important thing is to get the temperature right; with low heat, the concentrate might not vaporize, but with excessive heat, the concentrate will combust and make you look like an asshole.

CBD-heads consider 300 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit as the best temperature for dabbing.

If you’re using a wax vaporizer, get your concentrate out and divvy up your dose, and then put the concentrate into the chamber and turn the device on. With a simple push of the button, the concentrate is heated, and you may inhale the CBD vapor.

If you’re using a dab rig, first make sure that you’re in a safe space, because there’ll be fire involved and some other equipment.

With your blowtorch, heat the nail for about 20 seconds, and then wait for a moment before you put the concentrate in the dabber and hold it to the nail as you take in the vapor.

As you become experienced, you will be able to take in the entire hit with just one round.

How are CBD Concentrates Prepared?

First off, CBD is extracted from hemp flower, and the method of extraction depends on the resources you have.

Then it undergoes winterization where the phytochemicals and impurities are eliminated to leave behind pure CBD.

Different types of concentrates are prepared.

Common Myths about CBD Dabbing

There are some of the myths about CBD dabbing perpetuated by some humans.

Myth 1 – CBD dabbing is dangerous

CBD has no psychoactive properties, and no toxins, no chemicals… it’s so safe your grandma can have it and thank you with a big toothless grin.

Myth 2- CBD dabbing can get you high

CBD contains zero THC content, thus you wouldn’t get high.

Myth 3 – CBD dabbing is addictive

The USA government was concerned about CBD turning people into mindless zombies but scientists performed experiments and saw that it has no addictive properties. If you quit CBD, there won’t be any withdrawal symptoms.

Important Precautions for Harmless CBD Dabbing

Never compromise on quality: if you know of a website selling concentrates at an incredibly low price, better stay away, because the quality might be bad.

Learn how to use the equipment appropriately: yep, wrong handling of equipment can lead to contamination or even an explosion.

Start small if you’re a beginner: hey buddy, you have nothing to prove, and you can always increase the dose when you have seen how your body reacts.