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Weed Delivery Services in South Africa

Buying weed in South Africa?

Weed is legal in South Africa, for both recreational and medicinal reasons, but you have to adhere to certain conditions. For instance, it’s not allowed to consume weed in public.

And so, weed consumers in South Africa are always looking for platforms where they can buy top-tier weed, plus it’s critical for these platforms to have a reliable delivery service.

When we talk about reliability, we mean to say that the delivery service must ensure that the weed package arrives to the customer within as shortest span of time possible.

We highlight the best platforms you can rely on for delivering weed in South Africa.

1. Weedzy

2. Four20SA

3. 420 Bliss South Africa

4. 420 Monkeys

5. Cannabis Warehouse Online South Africa

6. WEEDeliver

7. Hey Bud SA

8. Marijuana SA

9. The Green Easy

10. Cape Cannabis Club

11. Morningside Dispensary

12. AdAstra