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Want the Perfect Name for Your CBD Business?

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If you’ve been planning to start a CBD business, one of the areas you must not fail concerns your business name; you need to choose a creative, relevant, and catchy business name.

Having a perfect business name will make it easy to win the trust of customers, sell with ease, and foster business growth. A good business name is one of the factors for business success.

Ideally, a business name should be descriptive, creative, and inspirational. Previously, business owners used to take their time to come up with a business name, but things have changed.

Nowadays, you can leverage the power of artificial intelligence to generate unique and relevant business names in seconds. One of the leading AI business-name generators is Squadhelp.

Generate Your CBD Business Name with Squadhelp

Squadhelp is the global powerhouse in the world of business names, business logos, and marketing projects. You can use the Squadhelp AI engine to generate your business name.

As the world’s #1 Random crowdsourced naming platform and business name generator, Squadhelp will generate an ideal name based on your industry, keywords, and brand ideas.

Whether you want to establish a white-label CBD manufacturing company, an indoor grow center for cultivating hemp plants, an accessories store, or a retail outlet for CBD goods, you can use Squadhelp to come up with an original and relevant name for your business.

How to Use Squadhelp Business Name Generator

Squadhelp business name generator is user-friendly. It will allow you to generate a ton of classic and relevant business names, and thus allow you to avoid making any mistakes.

1. Use the search bar

In the Squadhelp search bar, write what you need a name for. Ideally, you should use short phrases such as keywords, ideas, your industry, or brief explanations.

2. Click on “Generate”

The free business name generator will digest your short phrase and then suggest hundreds of business name ideas that are both creative and relevant.

3. Domain names

Along with the business name ideas, you’ll also get matching domain name suggestions, and the current availability of each of these domain names.

Alternative Ways to Generate Business Names on Squadhelp

Launch a contest: by using the launch a contest feature, you may strike a partnership with hundreds of creative experts so that you receive custom business name ideas.

Explore names for sale: the branding team at Squadhelp has curated thousands of pre-made business name ideas that you can buy. The names come with a URL and unique logo.

Agency managed contests: with the leverage provided by crowdsourcing plus the acumen of branding consultants, you can get unique and relevant business name ideas at a discount.

The Dangers of Having the Wrong Business Name

Whether you plan to sell a service or product in the CBD industry, never underestimate the necessity of a quality business name. If you use the wrong business name, you run these risks:

1. Poor brand awareness

For instance, if you use a business name that sounds foreign or alien, the business name may not relate to your customers, and as such, it may cause your brand to suffer lower awareness.

2. Poor brand recognition

The best business names are typically etched in the minds of your customers. If your business name is hard to grasp, it might cause people to struggle to recall or recognize your brand.

3. Poor brand loyalty

Ultimately, customers usually stay loyal to the brand whose products they love. However, a bad business name can delay customer loyalty or sometimes even drive customers away.

4. Slow word-of-mouth marketing

Word of mouth is one of the best marketing methods and it usually achieves good customer retention. However, if your business name is not easy to recall, it makes such marketing hard.

5. Expensive change of business name

If you have a terrible business name, chances are you’ll one day awaken to that fact, and may want to change it, except changing your business name along the way is often costly.


Choosing the right business name is one of the critical steps when starting a business. However, choosing a business name conventionally is often tiresome and inaccurate. You can remove the guesswork from the way by using an AI business name generator. Squadhelp is the leading platform for business name generation and works in a matter of seconds.