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VIVOSUN Grow Tent Review

Most people that grow cannabis for profit or as a hobby usually prefer indoor growing. Indoor growing is the practice of farming plants in an indoor setup rather than outdoors. Indoor growing typically gives the grower complete control of the environment and boosts plant yield.

To enhance grow room efficiency, various types of accessories are used, and some of these accessories include grow lights, ventilation systems, and grow tents. Grow tents allow you to garden year-round, use space wisely, keep pests out, circulate clean air, and use energy efficiently.

VIVOSUN makes premium grow tents. VIVOSUN grow tents come in varying sizes and models, but they are sturdy and have high performance. You can rely on the VIVOSUN grow tent to grow cannabis and achieve outstanding yields.


What is the VIVOSUN Grow Tent?

The VIVOSUN grow tent is designed to provide the perfect environment for growing your cannabis plants. This grow tent is made of durable and sturdy fabric and may be installed with ease by following the instructions outlined in the manual.

Whether you’re a novice or veteran cannabis grower, using the VIVOSUN grow tent makes it easy to regulate various factors such as humidity, temperature, and light, thus ultimately exerting a positive impact on plant health and yield.

Apart from its sturdy build and heavy-duty zippers, the grow tent has a human-centered design, reflective interior, and multi-size vents to support different ventilation systems. You can assemble the grow tent easily to create the perfect environment for growing your plants.

Features of the VIVOSUN Grow Tent

The VIVOSUN grow tent is strong, convenient, and easy to use. It incorporates a range of features and elements that make it outstanding.

1. Robust Fabric

The fabric is an essential part of the grow tent and is attached to the steel frames to create the desired shape. The VIVOSUN fabric is outstanding in terms of strength and density. A strong fabric enhances the indoor environment and promotes plant health and yield.

When the fabric density is high, the grow tent is less susceptible to ripping or weakening. Strong fabric makes the grow tent less vulnerable to heat, especially when you’re using grow lights that produce excessive quantities of heat.

Additionally, strong fabric prevents light leakage, minimizes noise spread, allows easy containment of smell, deters pests from gaining entry, and provides a stable area for attaching various grow room accessories such as hangers.

2. Reflective Interior

Light is an essential factor in plant growth and development. One of the ways to increase light intensity is by designing the grow tent interior to be reflective. The interior of the VIVOSUN grow tent is lined with premium mylar that is up to 98% reflective.

Cannabis plants need light for photosynthesis, the process by which plants convert water, carbon dioxide, and light into food. Grow tents with reflective interiors usually increase light distribution, and this has a positive contribution to the photosynthetic capacity of plants.

3. Outstanding Frames and Poles

Frames and poles are the spines of grow tents. If they have a poor design or be made of low-quality materials, it results in weak grow tents. The frames and poles of VIVOSUN grow tents consist of outstanding designs and materials.

The frames and poles of VIVOSUN grow tents are typically made of sturdy metals. This ensures the grow tents are powerful. They have a great design that allows for easy assembling. In case of degradation or damage, these structures should be replaced.

4. Viewing Ports

You need to watch your plants regularly to ensure that your plants are coming along nicely. The VIVOSUN grow tent incorporates viewing ports that make this possible. The viewing ports allow you to monitor your plants, lights, and other important factors.

5. Heavy-duty Zippers

Zippers are critical for minimizing the leakage of light, odor, and sound. Zippers also help with deterring pests. The VIVOSUN grow tent is secured with heavy-duty zippers. These zippers are designed to preserve grow tent integrity and deliver maximum utility.

What are the Benefits of Using the VIVOSUN Grow Tent?

The VIVOSUN grow tent is popular among all types of cannabis growers. The following are some of the benefits of deploying the VIVOSUN grow tent.

Improves cannabis quality: cannabis plants farmed in a grow tent are usually of greater quality than the cannabis plants farmed outdoors. The reflective interior of the VIVOSUN grow tent further improves cannabis quality by increasing light intensity.

Year-round gardening: if you have to grow cannabis outdoors, you are at the mercy of Mother Nature. However, when you grow cannabis in a grow tent, you have full control of the growth factors such as light, water, and temperature.

Higher yields: growing cannabis outdoors may be cheap, but it usually subjects your plants to various dangers that ultimately minimize yield. However, when using the VIVOSUN grow tent, you are in a position to pamper your plants, and get rid of pests, thus getting a great yield.

Odor control: cannabis is a precious plant, but it doesn’t exactly smell like roses. It produces a strong scent that some people might not find pleasant. If you’re growing cannabis indoors, you want to ensure that the smell won’t spread throughout your house. Odor control not only stops house occupants from being upset but also allows the grow room to be discreet.

Deter pests: one of the major challenges of farming outdoors is pests. Pests may not just destroy your plants but also affect your health. However, when you’re using the VIVOSUN grow tent, it’s easy to deter pest movements and isolate infestations for easy management.

Things to Consider When Buying a Grow Tent

The following are some of the things to consider when choosing a grow tent:

1. Grow Tent Size

If you have limited space, you probably shouldn’t buy a massive grow tent. Similarly, if you’re planning to grow a cannabis strain that usually produces gigantic plants, you shouldn’t get a tiny grow tent. Make sure you’re getting the grow tent in the right size.

2. Grow Room Area

Your choice of grow tent may be determined by the area in which you’re planning to install your grow tent. If you’re going to set up your grow tent in a sheltered area, you may not require various add-ons. However, if your grow tent will be set up in a humid, or volatile area, you may have to install various add-ons to improve its efficiency.

3. Accessories

The grow tent is the basic structure. Various accessories may be put in the grow tent to increase its effectiveness. For instance, if you’re planning to use complex grow light systems, you need to ensure that your grow tent contains powerful support bars.

How to Install or Set Up the VIVOSUN Grow Tent

The following videos will show you how to set up and install the VIVOSUN grow tent.