VIVOSUN Grow Tent Kits

Now more than ever, people are growing cannabis. Whether you’re growing it for private use or commercial reasons, you’re probably aware that growing plants in an indoor setup is better. Indoor growing means you have complete control of the factors of plant growth, which allows you to improve plant health and boost yield.

A grow tent is one of the important accessories for setting up your indoor grow center. It promotes light distribution, and odor management, and helps with keeping pests out of the grow room. But, some other tools and accessories complement the grow tent and enable you to garden year-round.

VIVOSUN is a top-rated manufacturer of quality grow room equipment and supplies. Their outstanding grow tent kits feature various tools and accessories that make indoor gardening easy.


Why You Need a Grow Tent for Your Indoor Garden

Grow tents come in a wide range of sizes, features, and models. Both hobby and commercial growers prefer using grow tents. With a grow tent, you can set up an indoor garden in your garage or basement and grow plants throughout the year discreetly.

VIVOSUN grow tents are buttressed by sturdy metallic poles. They have a heavy-duty fabric exterior that is resistant to tear and rip. These grow tents provide a stable and suitable environment for farming your cannabis plants. Both newbie and veteran growers are investing in VIVOSUN grow tents for the following benefits:

Control over the growing environment: if you plant cannabis in an outdoor setting, you usually leave it to Mother Nature to provide the essential elements for plant growth. An inconsistent supply of these elements can minimize plant health and yield. However, if using a grow tent, you have to take care of these factors including light, water, temperature, and humidity. Grow tents allow you to control the growing environment fully.

Deter pests from accessing the garden: not all pests hustle their way into a garden. Floods and strong winds can be the genesis of a pest infestation in your garden. VIVOSUN grow tents feature flood-proof floors and airtight seals, that help maintain temperature and block pests.

Prevent odors and noises from pouring out: cannabis plants emit a strong scent that you might not appreciate saturating your entire house. In the event you spray your plants, you might similarly not want the smell to spread. Also, some accessories such as fans produce noise, which can disturb other people in the house. The VIVOSUN grow tent is designed to confine the odors and noises within the grow tent.

Boost light absorption: light is one of the essential factors of plant growth. VIVOSUN grow tents feature reflective linings that maximize light intensity. Thus, the light achieves greater penetration and increases the photosynthetic capacity of cannabis plants.

VIVOSUN Grow Tent Kits: What’s Included

The following are some of the tools and accessories that are included in different VIVOSUN grow tent kits:

1. Grow Tent

The VIVOSUN grow tent provides a reliable and stable growing environment, which allows you to be fully in control of the light, temperature, humidity, and growing medium. It features a heavy-duty canvas lined with reflective material that ensures greater light absorption.

With a strong exterior fabric and powerful zippers, the grow tent isn’t susceptible to light leakage. The grow tent features viewing windows, which enable you to monitor your plants with ease. With its strong build, you can rely on this grow tent over numerous grow cycles.

2. Grow Light

Indoor gardening means that you have to simulate a perfect growing environment. The sunlight is typically replaced with grow lights. Grow lights come in different types including fluorescent lights, HPS lamps, and LED grow lights.

LED grow lights might be pricier than the rest, but they are usually the most effective. LED grow lights produce focused light, and they have low heat emission, which makes them less harmful to plants. Additionally, they have a complete light spectrum, which allows you to meet the lighting needs of plants at different stages.

3. Inline Ventilation Fan

Cannabis plants require a steady supply of fresh air. If the air within a grow room is stale and hot, the plants typically start to lose color. An inline ventilation fan helps with regulating airflow and establishing a stable internal environment that supports plant health.

VIVOSUN inline ventilation fans come in varying sizes and models, but they all have powerful blowers and great fan speed. They are critical in eliminating stale and hot air and establishing optimal ventilation to allow your plants to thrive.

4. Carbon Filter

If you’ve set up a grow room in one of your spare rooms, you don’t want the cannabis odor to float to the rest of the house. Carbon filters help with arresting the odor and purifying the air. As the name suggests, carbon filters reduce odors and control emissions from grow tents.

5.  Protection Eye Glasses

Grow lights usually emit powerful beams of light that might not be friendly to your naked eyes. Thus, it’s recommended to wear some protective eye gear before entering the grow room. Quality grow room eyewear needs to be a proper fit and have protective properties.

6. Temperature and Humidity Monitor

Temperature and humidity are some of the essential grow room factors. If the temperature is extremely high, the plants may be damaged, and if it’s extremely low, it may affect plant health. Likewise, if the humidity is too high, plants may struggle to absorb nutrients, and if humidity is too low, plant growth may be compromised. And so, it’s important to ensure that these factors are balanced. As the name suggests, a temperature and humidity monitor helps you to measure these factors with ease.

7. Digital Timer

Light has a major influence on plant health and yield, but darkness is just as important. It’s critical to establish perfect photoperiods for cannabis plants. If you’re doing it manually, you risk becoming inconsistent, which would ultimately lower plant health and yield. A digital timer allows you to automate the grow lights, thus ensuring your plants receive a good amount of both light and darkness, which promotes plant health and yield.

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