VIVOSUN Grow Light Review

Light is one of the essential factors of plant growth. If you decide to grow cannabis in an indoor setup, you’ll need to install grow lights. There are different types of grow lights, and some factors to consider when buying grow lights include grow room size, the stage of the plant life cycle, and the type of cannabis strain.

There are three main categories of grow lights: fluorescent lights, high-pressure sodium (also called HID), and light-emitting diodes (LED). Light plays an essential role in the production of energy by plants. Using quality grow lights not only improves the photosynthetic capacity of cannabis plants but also improves cannabis yield and potency.

VIVOSUN manufactures top-tier grow lights. They offer a wide range of grow lights. Whether you’re a hobby or commercial cannabis grower, you can rely on VIVOSUN grow lights to improve plant health and achieve an outstanding cannabis yield.


Types of VIVOSUN Grow Lights

The following are some of the types and features of grow light systems:

1. Fluorescent Lights

There are two types of fluorescent lights: fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lamps. Both fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lamps come in a variety of intensities. Fluorescent tubes are usually thin and ideal for small grow centers.

Fluorescent lights are more affordable as compared to other light systems. Fluorescents are suitable for the early stages of plants and are ideal for strains with low to medium light requirements. They produce an effective light spectrum and are great for seedlings and young plants.

Fluorescent lights don’t emit excessive heat. Grow lights that produce excessive heat can damage plant structure and ruin cannabis potency. Since fluorescents don’t emit too much heat, they can be placed close to plants, thus boosting light absorption.

The VIVOSUN fluorescent lamps are bright, and they feature a dual switch, which allows flexible control over your system. Additionally, VIVOSUN fluorescent lamps feature an ultra-reflective surface, a sturdy build, and outstanding durability.

2. High Pressure Sodium (HPS)

HPS grow lights consist of a full spectrum of light wavelengths, which plays a role in boosting plant development and flowering. Many cannabis growers prefer using HPS lamps owing to their superior light intensity.

Although HPS lamps produce phenomenal quantities of light that enhance photosynthesis and boost plant yield, these lighting systems are more resource-intensive than other grow lights and produce significantly higher amounts of heat.

HPS lamps are usually installed at a safe distance from plants, as this minimizes the possibility of heat damaging plants either internally or externally. The setup cost for HPS grow lights is usually higher than for other grow light systems.

VIVOSUN HPS lamps deliver efficient light spectrums and are highly durable. They feature sturdy reflective hoods with a high reflectivity rating. VIVOSUN HPS lamps are capable of producing an intense amount of light, which promotes cannabis flowering. However, you need quality ventilation to protect your plants from the heat produced by HPS lamps.

3. Light-Emitting Diode (LED)

LED grow lights are energy efficient. They may be pricier than other types of grow lights, but they are durable and highly efficient. LED grow lights produce focused light, and thus you can place the lights far from plants without weakening light intensity.

LED grow lights emit a complete spectrum of light wavelengths, and this is particularly important for complementing the different stages of the plant life cycle. Blue light is ideal for the vegetative plant stage while red light is ideal for the flowering stage.

One of the reasons why cannabis growers prefer LED grow lights is down to their energy efficiency. LED grow lights consume fewer watts to release an equal amount of usable light as HPS grow lamps. LED grow lights provide focused light while keeping energy costs down.

LED grow lights do not produce as much heat as HPS lamps, which eliminates the need for additional ventilation or airflow systems. LED lights have a lower wattage per square foot than HPS lamps. Low heat emission means plants are less susceptible to heat damage.

When it comes to performance and efficiency, LED grow lights are considered the best. LEDs are up to 60% more efficient at transforming energy into usable light than HPS lamps. Thus, using LED grow lights exerts a positive contribution to plant health and yield.

Since LED grow lights use fewer watts to accomplish a grower’s lighting needs, the cost of operating HVAC goes down. Bigger grow rooms will require less air conditioning, and small grow rooms might consider removing air conditioning, which helps minimize expenses.

If you placed HPS lamps too close to plants, the excessive heat might damage plants. However, LED grow lights can be placed too close to plants without doing any damage thanks to their low heat emission. This is particularly useful for small grow rooms.

Benefits of VIVOSUN Grow Lights

When you choose indoor cannabis farming, you have to replace the sun with grow lights. VIVOSUN grow lights come in a range of models and features, and each one is ideal for different situations. The following are some of the benefits of using VIVOSUN grow lights:

Faster harvest cycle: light is one of the essential factors of plant growth as it supports photosynthesis. If you grow cannabis plants in an outdoor setting, the plants receive sunlight for a limited time each day. However, if you grow cannabis plants in an indoor setting and install grow lights, the lighting periods are not limited. You can increase the lighting periods to boost the photosynthetic capacity of cannabis plants and thus speed up the harvest cycle.

Complete light spectrum: quality grow lights usually produce a complete spectrum of light. Cannabis plants have varying light needs at different stages of their life cycle. Blue light promotes the vegetative stage while red light promotes the flowering stage of plants.

Improved potency: one of the marks of quality cannabis is potency. Increasing light levels has a positive impact on cannabis yield and potency. With VIVOSUN grow lights, you can boost the cannabis yield, and improve the potency, which improves your ROI.

Factors to Consider When Buying Growing Lights

The following are some of the factors to consider when buying grow lights:

1. Quality build and materials. Durable grow lights are made of quality materials and highest industry standards. They are efficient and you can use them over numerous grow cycles.

2. Energy efficiency and heat output. Different grow lights have different levels of efficiency and heat output. The best grow lights usually consume fewer watts and produce low heat.

3. Grow room size. Generally, hobby growers have small grow rooms while commercial growers have large grow rooms. Choose the grow lights that complement your grow room.

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