Verified CBD Review

Having served hundreds of thousands of happy customers, Verified CBD is one of the top-performing CBD companies in North America.

Bob Chambers, the founder of Verified CBD, is vastly experienced in the wellness industry. With Verified CBD, he’s slowly changing the world.

At present, we have numerous CBD companies fighting it out, and if you be a new CBD user, you might not know where to shop.

You want to shop from a company with a good reputation, whose products are 100% organic, 3rd party lab-tested, a company that doesn’t make false claims.

Verified CBD provides diverse cannabis products, and their standards are up there.

What Verified CBD Provides

One of the major benefits of CBD is that it is versatile. It can be consumed in numerous ways. And top companies make an effort to diversify product offerings.

CBD stress-ease kit: Verified CBD is well aware that a good number of people use CBD to minimize their stress. They make it easier by providing a stress-ease kit that consists of softgel, hemp oil, and balm.

CBD joint pain-ease kit: whether your joint pain stems from your work, sports activities, or advancing age, you can improve your condition with this kit that consists of capsules, herbal drops, and intensive relief rub.

Their other infused products include gummies, hand sanitizers, sleep sprays, dog treats, and anti-aging creams.

Pros of Verified CBD

  • Passionate founder. Bob Chambers, the founder of Verified CBD has an infectious passion for the wellness industry. Through his innovation and leadership, he has shown an unchanging commitment toward providing health solutions by using cannabis products.
  • International company. Verified CBD be having operations in several countries around the world: Australia, Canada, UK, US, and they eventually plan to take on the world. They may have operations in several countries but it doesn’t affect shipping or prices.
  • Overwhelming positive customer feedback. Verified CBD has served hundreds of thousands of customers. But most of these customers have only nice things to say about the company. And this causes new customers to have confidence in the company.
  • Made in the USA. The US has the greatest standards in the cannabis industry. Verified CBD leverages the amazing human resource and technology in the USA to create winning cannabis products. Their products are based on premium hemp extracts and are processed in a GMP-certified facility.
  • Free and fast shipping. With some cash-strapped companies, you have to have a solid waiting game, and your package might take forever to arrive. But Verified CBD has a reputation for fast and free deliveries (both domestically and internationally).
  • Knowledge center. You don’t want a company that only posts the ish they are trying to sell to you, but one that also gives you helpful information. Verified CBD has a knowledge center where it gives customers valuable information about CBD. Some of the popular articles touch on the role of CBD in improving sex, balancing hormones, relieving pain, boosting muscle growth, and promoting women’s health.
  • Gluten-free. Celiac disease is a common health problem, the symptoms be exacerbated by gluten. Verified CBD products are gluten-free and also vegan-approved.
  • 100% organic. Their CBD oil is derived from organically-grown hemp and it doesn’t contain any harmful additives, genetic modifiers, or pesticides.

Cons of Verified CBD

  • Not all products are available for international buyers. Some products are tagged as available to only US buyers.


Bob Chambers has created a superior CBD company and he never lurks in the shadows afraid of criticism. He’s proud of his creation.

Verified CBD has crafted several market-leading products since 2014, served hundreds of thousands of customers, and built a positive reputation.

Their products are 100% organic, and they are created with the highest standards imaginable. Check them out.

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