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Vape Cartridge Filling Machines Types

Vaping is one of the popular ways of ingesting CBD. If you have a vape cartridge business, your stock is probably clearing quickly, which is why you need a great cartridge-filling machine.

Some filling machines have basic features and some have superior features. But it takes a quality cartridge filling machine for outstanding performance with accuracy and no wastage.

When looking to buy a cartridge filling machine, ensure it is built with quality materials and works efficiently. The following are some of the major types of vape cartridge-filling machines:

1. Manual Cartridge Filling Machines

As the name suggests, this type of filling machine incorporates a basic system. It’s typically operated by hand, where an operator fills up the cartridges, each one at a time. They are ideal if your business is short of money. Some examples of manual filling machines include syringes and dispensers. Manual filling machines are low-cost, easy to use, and involve simple setups.

2. Semi-Automatic Cartridge Filling Machines

These types of cartridge-filling machines are somewhere between manual and automatic filling machines. Some parts of the process may be done manually, but other parts are done automatically; the operator may lift and position the cartridges, but the filling part is done automatically. Some examples of semi-automatic cartridge filling machines include syringe pump systems and pneumatic systems. Some advantages of semi-automatic filling machines include faster production speed, consistency, and minimized labor expenses.

3. Fully-Automatic Cartridge Filling Machines

Fully automatic cartridge filling machines represent the summit of advancement in filling machine technology. As the name suggests, these machines take care of everything from lifting and positioning cartridges to dispensing vape oil. Some are designed to install caps. Fully automatic machines have the greatest production capacity, flexibility, and consistency.